Chris Jericho's Curious Next Foe, Darby Allin Gets Moxley Bump, More AEW Fallout

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2019

Chris Jericho's Curious Next Foe, Darby Allin Gets Moxley Bump, More AEW Fallout

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The seemingly unstoppable All Elite Wrestling Dynamite train rolled on Wednesday night.

    This time, all that happened in the span of two hours was...quite a lot. A thrilling Battle Royal with big consequences went down, AEW champion Chris Jericho made an announcement, the women's division got a new No. 1 contender and Jon Moxley and Darby Allin predictably tore the house down in the main event.

    Once again, two hours flew by without any sense of things dragging; characters progressed, storylines came to light or were furthered and it all built toward a fun pre-Thanksgiving show in Chicago next time out.

    These were the highlights.

New No. 1 Women's Contender?

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    It looks like the women's division has a new No. 1 contender for Riho's title.

    Hikaru Shida took down Britt Baker on Wednesday night in a brief but meaningful match. It served as a nice reminder that the Japanese is a serious threat and sets up a fun rematch of their bout from All Out.

    And this is also an interesting turn because Baker seemed like she would stay in the main event scene for a long time. But a loss, putting her in a bigger hole and keeping her on the chase, should make for a good storyline on her end too.

    Either way, it seems clear AEW is looping back to a fun rivalry for what could be a classic.

Battle Royal Fallout

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    AEW found a way to add an interesting wrinkle to the midcard with the introduction of its diamond ring, which will go to the winner of a match between the final two men standing from Wednesday night's Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal.

    And, of course, MJF found a way to skewer the outcome.

    By the end of a fun melee, including an appearance from Billy Gunn, it looked like "Hangman" Adam Page and Jungle Boy would be the two to fight for the ring. But there was MJF, yanking Jungle Boy off the apron and sliding back in after playing possum and pretending to be eliminated.

    Call everyone a big winner here. Page gets some much-needed direction and stays in a spotlight, and MJF gets to do something that will continue to endear him to fans before Cody gets his hands on him.

    This latter point was a bit of a concern. How would AEW keep MJF relevant while everyone awaits a confrontation with Cody? Instead of keeping him tip-toeing around The Inner Circle, he's now in the conversation for a top position outside of the main title scene.

Chris Jericho's Announcement

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    AEW knew what it was doing when it confirmed Chris Jericho would hit the ring with a mic in his hands for an "announcement."

    Sheer entertainment.

    That's Jericho. He trashed the crowd Wednesday, played up apologizing for the previous week's post-match rampage to close the show after getting pinned and eventually had a confrontation with Scorpio Sky of SCU.

    By the way, the "announcement" was Jericho getting his "thank you" at a pre-Thanksgiving event. But far more impressive was Sky going toe-to-toe with the AEW world champion on the mic and smoothly using his rival's narcissist heel ways against him to sly his way into a title match.

    This was a roundabout way of setting up an AEW title match, but Sky once again got to flex why he's destined for major things as a headline solo act. And fans got to see more of Jericho's great character work, as his rocker-style, deluded-star shtick worked him into putting his title on the line.

Moxley and Allin Get Wild

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    Fans didn't need a disclaimer—they knew this one was going to be brutal.

    Moxley didn't even get to make his full entrance before Allin was diving through the ropes and sending them into the metal barricade. This, by the way, after Allin had a unique entrance of his own involving a bodybag with "MOX" written on it.

    It only got wilder from there, as is the custom for these two. Moxley largely ended up dominating the match, but Allin's character, who just never stays down, got plenty of fun examples to slap on the resume.

    At some point, Moxley even suffered some sort of hand injury that could be something to watch in the coming weeks.

    Nobody should have gone into this one looking for an Allin win, but he had a couple near-falls and was again main-eventing a show. He's a star in the making.

    As for Moxley, it sure doesn't hurt to have more open-ended intrigue as to who he might get into a spat with next.