Sloppy Mitchell Trubisky Is Bears' Fatal Flaw in Lackluster Loss to Packers

Mike Freeman@@mikefreemanNFLNFL National Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2019

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - SEPTEMBER 05: Mitchell Trubisky #10 of the Chicago Bears was brought down by Blake Martinez #50 and Adrian Amos #31 of the Green Bay Packers during the first quarter of a game at Soldier Field on September 05, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
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The Bears have a Super Bowl defense. They have a good offensive line. Two solid running backs. A coach who in the past has seemed to know what he's doing. They have everything except, well, maybe one vital component. The most important of all.

A quarterback.

It's one game, and Mitchell Trubisky could turn everything around after this contest. But what we saw was familiar from last season: at times, sloppy mechanics; throws that make you shake your head (not in a good way); inaccuracy.

That's the biggest takeaway from what was an awful preseason game, er, season-opening game, a 10-3 Packers victory on Thursday night at Soldier Field. It's fitting this is the league's 100th season because this game set offenses back a century.

Trubisky's play should concern the Bears. He keeps making mistakes he shouldn't. Mistakes the Bears thought he was past. Mistakes even the gambling world seemed to think he was done with.

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Mitch Trubisky is the most popular bet to win MVP 😮 (via @CaesarsPalace) https://t.co/az69uQKir1

The Packers knew different. Cornerback Tramon Williams said all you need to know about Trubisky after the game, telling reporters, "We knew if we could get Mitchell Trubisky to play quarterback, we could win."

There were a number of problems. One of the more glaring examples was early in the game when Trubisky scrambled to his right and threw across his body back to the left. The play set Twitter and B/R's NFL Slack room ablaze with memes about how Trubisky can't—just can't—throw to his left. He can't do it. And the Bears can't afford for him to make a mistake like that there. This was the kind of throw Brock Osweiler would make. It's not one Trubisky should.

But he makes those dangerous mistakes all the time. He's often bailed out by his playmakers, and the Bears have a ton of them. There's no way this team should ever have 11 of 12 possessions end with no points. 

There were at least two of three passes in the first half alone that should have been intercepted.

The most troubling part for the Bears—other than the fact that their fans are booing their franchise quarterback in Week 1—is that while the Packers defense is very good, it's not the '85 Bears. Or the 2018 Bears.

It's one thing for the Packers offense and Aaron Rodgers to struggle against that Bears D. It's another thing for Chicago's offense to look like it's been Josh Rosen'ed. Never go full Josh Rosen.

Trubisky will get better. You see the talent and athleticism. There are flashes of juicy goodness.

But they are always followed by a decision or pass so indecent that it violates Chicago penal codes. The interception he tossed just before the final two-minute warning was badly overthrown. Defensive back Adrian Amos had an easy catch.

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Amos, who spent first four years with Bears, picks up the BIG-TIME INT (via @NFL) https://t.co/IIYiAnQLlQ

But it's what happened during that play, before the interception, that's key. Trubisky stared toward his receiver the entire time. Then he tossed up a lollipop.

Hall of Famer Steve Young, on ESPN, shredded Trubisky over that play.

"The game's on the line ... he does a high school staredown," Young said, "and the safety moves over and he throws it right to him. That's criminal at this level."

It's a felony.

Yes, the Bears should be worried. Really worried.

Trubisky finished with a 62.1 passer rating and threw for 228 yards.

This Bears defense, as good as it is, won't always be perfect. It will get challenged, even beaten down at times. It's happened to the best defenses in league history. It will need to be saved by the offense.

The Bears don't need Trubisky to be Dan Marino. But he also can't be Blake Bortles.

If the quarterback is the weakest link, your team is dead.

"This is not who we are," coach Matt Nagy said in his postgame press conference, which was broadcast by ESPN. "Our defense played their ass off tonight. Offensively, not good enough. And we're going to fix it."

"Three points is ridiculous," Nagy added.

Nagy said his defense won't point fingers at the offense. He's right. It won't. For now.

If this continues, well, that could change. 

It's the first game of the year, and Trubisky will get better. He'll have to. If he doesn't, the Bears may not even make the playoffs.

They don't want another Jay Cutler.


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