Best Throwback Uniforms for College Football's 150th Anniversary

David KenyonFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2019

Northwestern is one of a dozen-plus teams set to unveil new throwback uniforms in 2019.
Northwestern is one of a dozen-plus teams set to unveil new throwback uniforms in 2019.Matt Marton/Associated Press

When the college football season officially begins Aug. 24 with Miami taking on Florida, the intensity and pressure rises.

In a system that demands as close to perfection as possible, every result takes on additional significance. A handful of mistakes can lead to a negative spiral.

But not everything is so serious.

Throughout the 2019 campaign, programs will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the sport. While some teams are wearing a patch to commemorate the occasion, others have unveiled special throwback uniforms.

If you want a rankingbecause what would sports be without rankings, right?Cincinnati and Maryland are battling for our top spot. However, not every school has revealed its fresh look (Cal, for example).

This overview is alphabetical.

Other participating schools include Boston College, Notre Dame, Utah and Wisconsin.


Cincinnati Bearcats

With a football history dating back to 1885, Cincinnati had an array of choices for its throwback uniform. The program eventually settled on its design from the middle of the 20th century.

The all-red combination stands out thanks to the complementary black and white stripes. The white helmet allows a bold red stripe to tie everything together, too.

Cincinnati hasn't announced when it will wear these uniforms, but a national showcase against UCF in front of a home crowd on Friday, Oct. 4 is a logical pick.


Maryland Terrapins

Where do we start the petition for Maryland to bring back the script "Terps" on a full-time basis? This helmet is awesome.

Yes, Under Armour tweaked the helmet striping and jersey font compared to the actual 1980s design. However, the stacking of white, gold and black stripes on the shoulders of the jersey is unchanged and a tidy nod to Maryland's state colors.

The programs has chosen a fitting timehomecomingto showcase the uniforms, setting the date for Nov. 2 against Michigan.


Northwestern Wildcats

Simplicity can be boring. When executed well, though, an uncluttered layout can lead to a terrific result.

Such is the case for this purple-and-white Northwestern uniform.

One notable touch is the gloves. In the 1960s, the Wildcat wearing a leather helmet was the school's primary logo. That subtle addition provides a neat modern element.

Northwestern will sport these uniforms Sept. 28 against Wisconsin, which will be wearing its own throwbacks that day.


South Carolina Gamecocks

Prior to Steve Spurrier's excellent run in the early 2010s, South Carolina had only one 10-win season in 100 years of football.

It only makes sense the school will honor that era.

In 1984, the Joe Morrison-coached team posted a 10-2 record while toppling Georgia, Notre Dame, Florida State and rival Clemson. The Gamecocks achieved the program's highest-ever AP ranking that year, peaking at No. 2 late in the season.

According to Ben Breiner and Greg Hadley of The State, head coach Will Muschamp told 98.9 FM that South Carolina will use these throwbacks as its standard black uniform.


Temple Owls

Heading into 2019, Temple is enjoying the most successful stretch in program history. Thanks to an 8-5 finish last year, the Owls have seven-plus victories in four straight seasons for the first time ever.

But they haven't quite matched the school's greatest single campaign. That honor belongs to the 1934 team, which played in the Sugar Bowl.

The legendary Pop Warner coached that squad, guiding Temple to what remains its only undefeated regular season.

Although the Owls haven't announced when they'll break out this uniform, Temple squared off against Tulane in the Sugar Bowl during the 1934 campaign. The programs meet Nov. 16 this year.


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