Twitter Reacts to Jon Moxley Debut, Kenny Omega Win, More AEW Fyter Fest Results

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJune 30, 2019

Credit: AEW's Facebook page

All Elite Wrestling started off hot with Double or Nothing, a statement show that had everyone talking. Rather than waiting until All Out in August, AEW announced a series of secondary shows that would keep the promotion in the public eye, starting with Fyter Fest.

This Kenny Omega-produced event did not have massive hype going in, but it had a strong card—particularly its lead match. Jon Moxley's debut would be a brutal non-sanctioned match with Joey Janela.

The Young Bucks teamed with Omega to fight The Lucha Brothers with Laredo Kid. Finally, Darby Allin went in as the massive underdog in his debut against executive vice president Cody.

It had a chance to get everyone talking, and the event mostly succeeded. The key matches delivered, and AEW set the stage for its growing, competitive roster in the months to come.


Moxley's AEW Debut Shows His Sadistic Side

Moxley pulled no punches in a brutal, non-sanctioned hardcore match with Janela. The Bad Boy called out the former WWE star as being watered down by his time in the top company, and Moxley took exception.

He brought out his most sadistic side. The two used barbed wire and thumb tacks on top of steel chairs and tables until both were bleeding all over the mat.

The brutality was enjoyed by fans who were not sure just how far AEW would go. The company pulled no punches, and Moxley and Janella reveled in the freedom to do harm:

Matt Fowler @TheMattFowler

“Moxley, wanna join AEW?” “Can I use barbed wire on a guy whose tights seem like they’re always falling down?” “Pretty much immediately!” #FyterFest

WrestlingINC.com @WrestlingInc

Jon Moxley spit out a thumbtack! #FyterFest https://t.co/W9a3ECXq4o

David Bixenspan @davidbix

Seth Rollins: “Mox took his ball and went home because he’s too weak for the mettle-testing WWE schedule.” Mox: https://t.co/R029xQmn9C

Afterward, Omega got his revenge on his Double or Nothing attacker, laying him out with everything at his disposal. It was a strong statement on how big the coming All Out match is for AEW:

Nick Hausman @WIncRebel

Moxley and Janela delivered big in that AEW #FyterFest main event. What maniacs. The Omega beat down came out of nowhere and was a nice cap to the night. Not overall as good as Double or Nothing but def some highlights. What’d you think of the show? @WrestlingInc https://t.co/QyUGnSPSjT


Young Bucks and Omega Bring Fun to Fyter Fest

In the most crowd-pleasing match of the night, The Bucks and Omega started things off right for the gamer crowd by coming out in Street Fighter gear:

Golden Maharaja ™ @KingNj90

How can you not pop for a Street Fighter cosplay and entrance!! #AEW #FyterFest https://t.co/WRjzPaEgsd

Baron Black @TheEmpBruh

Young Bucks & Kenny Omega with the Greatest Gaming Homage Gear & Entrance in Wrestling! Street Fighter Ken - Akuma - Ryu #FyterFest https://t.co/E2i8feOsxC

What followed was clearly a match made for the audience. It was fast-paced and energetic, with more than a few indulgent moments. From several incredible high-flying sequences to a superkick party, this was a spotfest.

While the live crowd was transfixed on the action, chanting "fight forever," the reaction to the contest on Twitter was more mixed, with a variety of content and disappointed fans:

Chris Mueller @BR_Doctor

That match had plenty of fun spots but it was far from the Match of the Year a lot of people are going to say it was. #FyterFest

Voices of Wrestling @voiceswrestling

This was always going to be a mindless spotfest, which is exactly what these fans want, and honestly if you cant appreciate this kind of match on some level, idk man. We've seen it before but it never really gets old even if it's less impressive the 100th time. -J


Allin's Performance Overshadowed by Careless Chair Shot

In his underdog fight with one of the most important men in wrestling, Allin refused to go down easily. He put his body through the wringer, and he kept getting back up. In fact, he never lost.

The match ended in a draw, which was a dangerous booking decision that paid off. It worked well to protect Cody while selling Allin as a threat. Many were impressed with the newcomer:

Dameon™ El Ídolo @DameonBerryJr

Safe to say I'm 'All In' on Darby Allin. 🤷🏾‍♂️🔥 #FyterFest https://t.co/jyKHngyaP1

JPQ @Bigpawsonapup

Darby Allin is what I imagine Peter Parker would have been when he just started realizing he had superpowers #fyterfest #AEW

However, the performance was overshadowed by the post-match segment. Shawn Spears appeared as the vice president was asking for a restart, and he planted Cody with a steel chair shot to the head.

The brutal shot laid out and badly wounded The American Nightmare, cutting him open and leaving many talking about a potential concussion. This sort of spot is banned in WWE for a reason, and fans were not happy with the dangerous move:

Ryan Dilbert @ryandilbert

You can tell that story without that chair shot.

Daily DDT @FanSidedDDT

Can somebody please tell Cody that it's 2019 and NO ONE needs to be taking unprotected chair shots to the head in 2019? #FyterFest

It's disappointing that this unnecessary moment has overshadowed the discussion of Allin's debut. Cody vs. Spears may be important for All Out, but it would have been a big match without the injury.


The Buy In Proves a Letdown, Especially Nakazawa vs. Jebailey

While the main show was largely successful, The Buy In was divisive. In particular, the main event of the pre-show between Michael Nakazawa and Alex Jebailey was about as bad as wrestling can get. It did not deserve the spotlight with a top promotion.

Many were not afraid to call out the sloppy and poorly executed match. It might have worked at a house show, but this should have never been on an elite-level wrestling card:

Jim Cornette @TheJimCornette

OK, after the Jebailey-Nakazawa debacle at @AEWrestling #Fyterfest I'll be watching the rest of the event later when in a better mood & after using mouthwash. Even Gordon Scozzari didn't book amateurs. @GreatBrianLast

Sean Ross Sapp Of Fightful.com @SeanRossSapp

I wonder what people who are watching for the first time and went from Dark Order to Librarians to Nakazawa vs. Jebailey thought

Rumble Ramble @TheRumbleRamble

I don't have anything positive to say about the pre-show outside of the opening tag match... very pumped up for this main card, though! #FyterFest

Some did enjoy the spectacle of the hardcore match that knew how silly it was, and they voiced their measured reactions:

Sean Sedor @SASedor2994

Ok, so I know that Alex Jebailey vs. Michael Nakazawa wasn't going to be for everyone, but honestly, it was a ton of fun to watch. Much better than I was expecting #FyterFest

Aaron Rift of NoDQ.com @aaronrift

Jebailey bodyslammed Nakazawa into a kiddie pool. I love this show already! #AEW #FyterFest https://t.co/L4iqThTYRf

Luckily, the rest of the event overdelivered to make up for it.


The Women Quickly Turn Around the Show

After The Buy In, the fans needed a match to invest in, but they had no idea what they were about to get. Nyla Rose, Riho and Yuka Sakazaki went all out in a high-octane battle for recognition in the growing women's division.

Everyone was talking about what Rose pulled off in the match. Her top-rope diving knee to Riho was an unforgettable spot:

Bleacher Report WWE @BR_WWE

Nyla Rose from the top rope 🤭 (Watch now on @brlive) https://t.co/wLG5zUPUlf

Sean Ross Sapp Of Fightful.com @SeanRossSapp

Nyla Rose just did a damn guillotine King Kong Knee Drop!!!!!

However, this match was more than just one move. It had the crowd chanting "this is awesome" throughout the homestretch, with each woman seemingly approaching a victory until Riho sneaked the pinfall:

Dispatch Podcast @DispatchPod

Riho defeats Nyla Rose and Yuka Sakazaki in a Great match!!! #FyterFest #AEW https://t.co/DI642CbmKo

Tim Aubel @aubeltim

Riho v Yuka Sakazaki v Nyla Rose was an excellent match! Definitely surpassed my expectations, even as my most anticipated match at #FyterFest.

While the women's division was not clearly highlighted on this card going in, it was one of the highlights of the night, and no one will forget the names of Riho, Rose or Sakazaki when AEW unveils its women's title at All Out.


MJF Establishes Himself Early as AEW's Top Heel

While many matches were highlighted on the night, no one was discussed more than MJF, who was savage to the crowd from the moment he entered the ring:

Smark to Death @smarktodeath

Oh my god... MJF is savage as hell on the mic. #FyterFest https://t.co/rxm84pqgkg

Andreas Hale @AndreasHale

Man, MJF is really, really an elite level heel.

Ronald Funches @RonFunches

I’m willing to admit I hate @The_MJF because he’s so good. #FyterFest

He may not have walked out the winner in his Fatal 4-Way match, but the master heel made sure he would be remembered.