Video: Watch Fortnite Storm Flip Trailer, Arena Clips, More from 9.2 Patch Notes

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2019

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Epic Games continued its trend of adding game-changing items to Fortnite Battle Royale in the middle of the World Cup qualification process by introducing Storm Flip as part of Thursday's version 9.2 patch release.

Storm Flip is a mechanic carried in a player's inventory after being found in chests, vending machines or as floor loot. It creates a safe zone when thrown in a storm zone and generates a storm-damage area when thrown into a safe area—flipping the zones.

Let's check out a trailer for the new item:

Although the mechanic makes sense for standard public lobbies—where it will likely be used after a storm fight when gamers want a chance to heal without taking damage—it's probably going to cause utter chaos in the final circles of competitive matches.

Here's a look at some early clips of Storm Flip being used in arena games:

Takeoffs @TakeoffsFN


りーえるぅぅ @Liel_FN

storm flip OMG... https://t.co/8sAkmRUtwh

"Who at Epic thought it was smart not to have Storm Flips movement on the map? Use different colors or something, how on Earth are you supposed to navigate this mess? So many RNG deaths incoming," Poach of Team Liquid wrote on Twitter.

High ground, which was already the biggest key to endgame success, will be even more essential over the final two weeks of qualifiers because of how the new item works.

Meanwhile, the removal of hunting rifles was the other major change in the 9.2 patch notes.

The weapon was getting used in a manner that wasn't its original purpose. It was introduced as a long-range sniper option, but talented players took advantage of its first-shot accuracy and high damage to use it as a short-range gun—basically using it as a second shotgun.

It raised questions about whether snipers should have a damage drop-off at close range like other weapons have drop-off at long range. Instead, Epic decided to throw the hunting rifle in the vault.

Myth @TSM_Myth

RIP hunting rifle 🖤 https://t.co/GrhhWoD2u8

Increasing the duration of usage before the turret overheats, upping the amount of time it takes the Boom Bow to reach max charge and numerous bug fixes related to movement items were the other notable changes in this week's patch.