The Rumblers' Top Plays, Prize Money from PUBG NPL 2019 Week 10

Megan ArmstrongCorrespondent IIJune 2, 2019

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 14:  A gamer plays
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The National PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) League started Week 4 of Phase 2 on Saturday with four matches.

All four matches saw a different team capture victory. Tempo Storm, who entered Saturday atop the standings with 181 points and 114 kills, did not claim a seat at the winner's table this week. As a result, the Rumblers moved into first place after the first day of Week 4 while Tempo Storm dropped to third.


NPL Phase 2 Standings—Week 4

1. The Rumblers (135 kill points, 214 total points)

2. Ghost Gaming (129 kill points, 197 total points)

3. Tempo Storm (126 kill points, 197 total points)

4. Cloud9 (133 kill points, 190 total points)

5. Player One Esports (114 kill points, 187 total points)

6. Spacestation Gaming (128 kill points, 182 total points)

7. Endemic (105 kill points, 175 total points)

8. Lazarus (102 kill points, 169 total points)

9. eUnited (103 kill points, 160 total points)

10. Team Envy (99 kill points, 156 total points)

11. Wildcard Gaming (100 kill points, 147 total points)

12. Excelerate (88 kill points, 127 total points)

13. Denial Esports (64 kill points, 118 total points)

14. Simplicity (77 kill points, 114 total points)

15. Pecadores (70 kill points, 98 total points)

16. BluMartini Gaming (59 kill points, 97 total points)

Leaderboard courtesy of PUBG Esports


Phase 2 Prize Money

1st: $100,000

2nd: $40,000

3rd: $20,000

4th: $12,000

5th: $10,000

6th: $8,000

7th: $6,000

8th: $4,000


With just two weeks left and a $200,000 prize awaiting the winner, the 16 teams in the field had no time to waste. Team Envy proved that early by winning the first match of the day despite entering Week 4 in 11th place.

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

.@Envy return from their NPL Royale victory with an 8 kill Chicken Dinner to open things up in the first match of the day! 📺 Tune-in: https://t.co/kZahEYJkfV #PUBG #NPL https://t.co/zI0TpvgFbH

However, the second match of the day was more in line with how the competition has gone to this point with The Rumblers capturing a five-kill win. The Rumblers entered this week sitting in second place behind Tempo Storm.

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

.@RumblersGG earn themselves a 5 kill Chicken Dinner in Match 2! 📺 Tune-in: https://t.co/kZahEZ0VEv #PUBG #NPL https://t.co/zFjxsZkP7b

The third match came down to the wire between Spacestation Gaming and Simplicity. Spacestation eked out the match with seven kills:

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

.@SpacestationGG find 7 kills and a Chicken Dinner in the 3rd match of the day! 📺 Tune-in: https://t.co/kZahEYJkfV #PUBG #NPL https://t.co/CpRwfIdNfj

Ghost Gaming claimed the fourth and final match of the day. The squad was led by Ghost DrasseL, who led all players Saturday in survival time and was the second-best player in damage. The leader in both damage and kills was The Rumblers' LosHD.

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

.@GhostGaming survive a chaotic final circle to come out with the 7 kill Chicken Dinner in the final match of the day! 📺 Tune-in tomorrow at 2 PM PST: https://t.co/kZahEYJkfV #PUBG #NPL https://t.co/iEuND8qKvG

OGN Esports @OGNEsports

TOP SURVIVAL TIME FOR #NPL PHASE 2: @GhostGaming's @DrasseL with 10:31:56 total survival time. 2nd: @sharkyeet 3rd: @Im_Relo #PUBG @PUBGEsports #OGN https://t.co/UnfmtVRwQ4

OGN Esports @OGNEsports

TOP DAMAGE LEADER FOR #NPL PHASE 2: @RumblersGG's @LosHD_PUBG is still king with 8118 damage dealt so far. 2nd: @DrasseL 3rd: @Kaymind #PUBG @PUBGEsports #OGN https://t.co/sztyHn5pYK

Phase 2's second day of Week 4 will get underway at 5 p.m. ET on Sunday.