Tom Cable, It's Time To Pass...Yes, I Said Pass!

Big AL FanContributor INovember 3, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 28:  (R-L) JaMarcus Russell and his mother Zina are interviewed by NFL legend and commentator Deon Sanders, after Russell was chosen first overall by the Oakland Raiders at the 2007 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall April 28, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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First off, I wanted to extend thanks to the effort given by the Raiders versus the Chargers. The Offensive game plan was beautiful, and was executed very, very well.

I am proud of this team. You stayed with them, and almost pulled it out. However, I am not happy with the, so called, fumble on the last drive.

If anyone would take a close look at the replay, there is no doubt that Jamarcus's arm was coming forward before the ball came out. The defender made contact with Jamarcus's forearm first as Jamarcus's hand was fully cocked back. As Jamarcus's arm came forward, the defender's arm slid up from the forearm to the hand and knocked the ball out—but not until the arm was moving forward. We never get these calls, and never will.

The other thing I am baffled about was our Defensive game plan. We were extremely successfull against the Chargers in Game One, where I believe we played man to man bump and run-D most of the game.

For some reason, we went away from this in Game Two. We tried to play the Chargers like we did the Eagles.

Why? Why when the week before, the Chargers were a West Coast Offensive team against the Chiefs? They threw short passes off the line of scrimmage all game against the Chiefs. It was critical that we bump them on the line. Instead, receivers ran free underneath all game. I know the Eagles are also a West Coast style. The Chargers are not the Eagles—we should have stayed with what worked the first game where we pressured Rivers the entire game after his first read was not there.

I hope we realize that we have to get that bump in from this point forward. Other teams will expose us if we don't.

Okay back to the good news. We have to run the table, and shut all these people up. You ready? You can do it. You know you can. You made great strides playing to your strengths this week. Every week is a learning experience, and I think we made great progress this week.

It's time to prepare for the Chiefs. We are in our house. Learn to use this energy. We have your back. It's time to take a huge step forward, and air it out. Yes, I said it. Time to go to the air, and I mean all game long. No disrespect to the Chiefs, but their 26th in the league against the pass. The Chiefs will not be expecting this. We can do it with a good game plan. 

We have two weeks to put this plan together. Lets take a huge step forward. Get everyone on the same page. 

Find a way to guarantee Jamarcus has time to throw. Roll him way out on misdirected play action.

Get Jamarucus in running shape, because if the pass is not there, he will have to tuck and run for a few.

Use two TE sets for max protect, and three wide. Give Jamarcus time no matter what the cost.

Use one TE, no backs, and go four wide. Yes, four wide. You wanna throw them off?

Show them from the get go that we have prepared to throw, and based on our study, we know what we can do against you.

Set the bar high. Has anyone had a 400 yard passing game this year?

Go Deep. Go Short. Go underneath. Go over the top. Slants, outs, posts.

Allow Jamarcus to grow in this game. Let him know that this is his week. Ask him to draw up some plays, and stay late working with the wide receivers on specific plays they will use this game. Run those plays over and over and over until it's like a walk in the park.  Time to get DHB a game ball. Throw him some high percentage passes, and no risky ones.

Tell Jamarcus that in this game, we are going to do all the things that everyone says we cant do. Fake pumps, no stare downs, and step up in the pocket (no pressure allowed up the middle).

Get the tempo up this week. We lacked in this area against the Chargers. Run some no huddle runs. Give Jamarcus the opportunity to change the run play at the line.

Work on reading the Defensive alignments. Look for open space on the field before the play, and audible for a play to this open-spaced area.

I wanted to raise the question as to why Jamarcus has gone from last year throwing bullet type long passes, to throwing up-for-grabs lob type passes this year. A great strength of Jamarcus has always been to use the ability to throw Elway like long strikes that no one else in the league can throw to receivers in space.

If we can get back to this, receivers have to be aware to never give up on a route even when it is over. Keep running, come back to the ball, or run down field. Look at H. Ward, he know's Ben is going to buy time. He keeps working to get away from the defender into open space even after the route is run.

It's time to take a big step. It's time to run the table.

Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass. Use the run after you have the lead, and to control the clock when needed.

Whether Schillens is back, or not, it's time. If McFadden is ready, use him sparingly, and sometimes as a decoy...Don't want him to get hurt again.

My game plan notes are on their way.

I will be there Sunday the 21st. Go Raiders!

Good Job Cable!


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