Bridgestone Depature: Where's the Reaction?

Negative CamberCorrespondent INovember 2, 2009

The big news today, obviously, is Bridgestone’s announcement that it will not continue in Formula 1 after its contract to supply tires ends at the conclusion of the 2010 season.

It is a big story, as any driver I know will quickly point out that tires are pretty important. After all, they are the only part of the “car” that actually touches the track.

What has shocked me, then, is the decided—perhaps determined—lack of response to the news.

Everyone seems to still just be sitting on the brief Bridgestone announcement.

Where’s the Ferrari response? McLaren?

Humorously enough, Formula 1 itself is spinning the news as “New Formula One tire supplier from 2011.”

Sorry, but until there is a new supplier, that’s not the news.

The news is Bridgestone leaving—and why. And what the teams, drivers and others who will be affected think about it (The F1 story doesn't even have a quote from Bernie Ecclestone or any Formula 1 official).

What has everyone so mum? Is it that much of a shock? Is there some effort to keep everyone quiet?

Seems mighty strange, especially 12 or so hours after the news hit. Is everyone asleep?

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