Randy Orton and 5 WWE Superstars Who Should Always Be Heels

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Randy Orton and 5 WWE Superstars Who Should Always Be Heels

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    Randy Orton about to hurt Jeff Hardy with a screwdriver.
    Randy Orton about to hurt Jeff Hardy with a screwdriver.Credit: WWE.com

    Most WWE Superstars can work well as a hero or a villain, but certain people are better at one than the other, and it's usually the people who play villains.

    Getting people to hate you sounds like it should be easy. All someone has to do is call everyone in the crowd ugly and insult whatever major sports team that city happens to cheer for.

    However, today's fans don't just boo someone because the company wants them to. In fact, if a Superstar is exceptional at being a bad guy, the crowd might cheer for them louder than it does for the hero.

    Being able to generate heel heat is a skill some people spend years perfecting, while others are natural antagonists who can make anyone hate them.

    This article will look at five Superstars who should only ever play the heel in WWE and why they do so well in the role.

Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton is having a great run on SmackDown as a heel, and it's a reminder that The Viper has always worked best as a villain.

    The problem WWE often runs into with Orton is the crowd liking him too much. Not only is he good in the ring and on the mic, but he also has one of the most exciting finishers in the company.

    His feuds with Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio have given him a chance to show off his more sadistic side, especially when it came to the way he tried to rip Hardy's ear off.

    Even though he will always have his fans, The Legend Killer is always better when he works as a heel.

Big Show

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    When it comes to giants in pro wrestling, having one of them work as a babyface is difficult because it's hard to look at someone who towers over their competition as an underdog in any situation.

    Good guys are not supposed to dominate their opponents. They go into most matches with a disadvantage so they can make a comeback at the end.

    Big Show has gone through more heel and face turns than anyone else in the company, but his best work has always been as an antagonist.

    It's hard to tell what WWE has planned for him now he is no longer with The Bar, but whatever it is, he needs to do it as the bad guy.

Brock Lesnar

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    Brock Lesnar may not qualify as a giant, but he should always be a heel for the same reasons as someone like Big Show.

    There's no denying how much fun it is to watch The Beast Incarnate perform. He has the kind of presence you cannot teach. They either have it or they don't.

    His size, power, speed and skill make him one of the most dangerous men in the company. Trying to position him as the underdog in any situation would be almost impossible.

    The other reason Lesnar should always be a heel is his schedule. Some members of the WWE Universe think his workload is a joke, and WWE has done a great job using that as a way to generate heat for the universal champion.

Alexa Bliss

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    When Alexa Bliss first started with WWE, her gimmick was a cross between a princess and a cheerleader. She was energetic, smiled all the time and never talked down to the audience.

    She was good in this role, but once WWE decided to try her out as a heel, everything changed for the better. As soon as it became clear this was the best thing for her, WWE wasted no time calling her up to SmackDown.

    The Goddess quickly became one of the best talkers in the women's division and it helped her stand out when it seemed like all the attention was going to The Four Horsewomen.

    As she became more comfortable in the role, WWE continued to push her to the top. She is now a five-time women's champion and has only been on the main roster for a little over two years.

    She is so good at what she does that WWE made her the head of the women's division just so it could keep her on television while she heals from an injury. That's not something management does for everyone.

Nia Jax

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    WWE tried to have Nia Jax play the inspiring babyface during her feud with Alexa Bliss, but it became clear early on she was not meant to be the hero.

    The Irresistible Force seems more comfortable working as an antagonist, especially because her size allows her to overpower every other woman in the company.

    Like Lesnar and Big Show, Jax is easier to dislike because she is so much more powerful than everyone she steps into the ring with. When she was crying after being insulted instead of smashing Bliss' head into the turnbuckle, everyone was confused.

    No matter how hard WWE tries, it's always going to have a hard time making someone who is physically intimidating into a sympathetic figure. It works sometimes, but not with Jax.  

    Which WWE Superstars do you think always work better as heels?


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