Jets Lower Mezzanine Club Seats: Still Pricey!

Erik ManassyContributor IOctober 28, 2009

Jets fans who purchased their tickets for the new stadium opening next season received this email from the New York Jets today.

Dear xxxx,

We’ve lowered the ticket pricing of our Mezzanine Clubs to put the club experience within reach. We’ve heard from many fans who prefer to sit in a club, but just can’t afford the annual ticket cost. Now you can. Experience Jets football like never before.

Take advantage of this opportunity to sit in the best seats, enjoy the best views, access the best parking, and share the best game day experience – now at a price you can afford. Club seat ticket prices have been reduced as much as 50%. For as little as $45 per game more than some lower bowl seats, you can watch the game in the Mezzanine Clubs.

Don’t just take our word for it; seeing is believing. Click here to experience this opportunity and then call me to upgrade your seats to the mezzanine club.

Mezzanine Club Corner was $400, now $195

Mezzanine Club Goal Line was $400, now $245

Mezzanine Club Sideline was $500, now $295

Mezzanine Club Prime was $500, now $395

Some chatter on Twitter , and other Jets blogs confirms my feelings, that the tickets are still too pricey.  Even though the game price per ticket have dropped, the PSL cost still remains the same.

This article on Bloomberg states that this may cause fans who purchased tickets in the lower bowl end zone to upgrade since the pricing is comparable.  (I’m one of them who have lower bowl end zone seats.)

Lowering prices in the mezzanine may prompt some fans to move from the end zone in the lower bowl, which requires a $5,000 seat license and a $120 ticket, to a comparable seat in the club that’s near the corner of the sideline for the same $5,000 license fee and $195 a ticket, said Thad Sheely, Jets vice president for stadium development.

“So they’re upgrading their location and they’re upgrading their experience for only $75 more,” he said.

The Jets are also experimenting with selling tickets through the social networking site Facebook . The teams’ fans on the Web site can buy tickets through a presale on Oct. 30.

They make it sound so great to upgrade, but if you have four seats in that lower bowl, it would run you an extra $2,400.00 ($75 x 4 seats x 8 games) to upgrade.  


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