WWE Super Show-Down Is Perfect Place for Samoa Joe to Rip Title from AJ Styles

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2018


It's time for Samoa Joe to hoist the WWE Championship after taking down AJ Styles. 

And Super Show-Down is the perfect place to do it. 

The October 6 pay-per-view from Melbourne, Australia, is the latest non-traditional pay-per-view events on the WWE Network. It's in the same vein as the likes of the Greatest Royal Rumble from Saudi Arabia in April where...every champion retained and Braun Strowman awkwardly won something called the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Championship. 

Having a bad guy like Joe stroll into Super Show-Down and rip one of the company's most prestigious titles off a fan favorite like Styles is a good way to remove the gimmicky stigma around some of these non-pay-per-view events. 

While these are casual affairs and some fans might bemoan the idea of a title change happening at an oddly timed event (it starts at 4 a.m. ET), adding another program with meaningful results isn't a bad thing. WWE wants to be a global brand, and this is how it's done—it wouldn't be the end of the world if United States-based fans had to catch something on a replay through WWE Network once or twice a year. 

And "prestigious" wasn't used by mistake. Styles' reign has been superb, and he's delivered endlessly and to restore the title's reputation after the odd run from Jinder Mahal. 

But it has run its course. He's gone through Mahal, had a memorable one-off with Brock Lesnar, defeated Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura and Joe himself. 

There isn't much left for Styles to do with the title, and SmackDown could benefit from having a final boss like Joe holding it for a while. It could mean big things for good guys like Daniel Bryan, Rusev and perhaps even create interesting new angles for Adrade Cien Almas or Big E.

Styles shouldn't go on the backburner forever, but having Joe as champion would open things up in a way the blue brand hasn't had in a while—and unlike Mahal's reign, Joe's place at the top of the mountain would feel organic. 

He's the most believable promo guy in the business; look at how credible he is in the ring with Lesnar in a standoff: 

Who else tells Lesnar to "look at me when I'm talking to you" and gets away with it? Just Joe, and he's the guy who is still delivering these on a nightly basis, all the way to the buildup for Super Show-Down: 


#SDLive may be the house that @AJStylesOrg built... ...but there's another house that needs the champ's attention, and it's all thanks to @SamoaJoe. https://t.co/L4q3WFPVYB

That right there is how WWE can build up the next big thing. Joe is the ultimate bad guy and will be the perfect springboard for whomever WWE wants to strap a rocket to next for a singles push. Taking down Joe after a longstanding reign will do wonders for the chosen one. 

But Joe has to take the strap off Styles soon for it to work, and it would also be a poetic end to Styles' time as champion. These two have an incredible history together through TNA and elsewhere—one more classic where a title changes hands is simply another installment in a series that has been going for more than a decade. 

Styles is the cover boy on the upcoming WWE 2K19 video game, but if WWE wants to reinforce the anything-can-happen-at-anytime idea, there is nothing that says the man or woman on the cover of a video game has to be a champion.


Notice none of this has really focused on how Joe needs a win too. He's flirting with becoming the new Bray Wyatt—an intimidating presence with the same old schtick who keeps on losing to the top good guys. Without picking up a major win here or there, he's going to get stale and cost the blue brand a top villain. 

A title change would give fans a reminder it isn't safe to skip viewing any event, add credibility to the global circuit and breathe new life into the blue brand. 

WWE probably has something sketched out in pencil over the next few months as we head toward WrestleMania season. As probably the best bad guy in the company, Joe should be inked in as SmackDown's final boss. The timing makes sense, and most of all, Joe has earned it. 


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