WWE Rumors Roundup for Week of Aug. 31 Ahead of Hell in a Cell 2018

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistAugust 31, 2018

WWE Rumors Roundup for Week of Aug. 31 Ahead of Hell in a Cell 2018

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    WWE SummerSlam 2018 may be in the can, but that hasn't slowed down a number of exciting rumors about where the company is headed going into the latter part of 2018.

    In fact, with the Universal Championship back on TV on a full-time basis, there's more to talk about than in recent weeks, with details about Roman Reigns' first few weeks holding the title beginning to appear online in the past week.

    There's news on not only the next challenger for Reigns but the one after that, too, as a run with the championship over a prolonged period appears to become likely.

    Furthermore, there's news on Paul Heyman's next potential project, as well as a change in character for someone that is extremely popular among WWE fans at the moment.

    Here's this week's rumors roundup.

Who Could Be Working with Paul Heyman Next?

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    Brock Lesnar's time in WWE appears to be over for the time being...but that doesn't mean Paul Heyman's is.

    In fact, talk has already turned to who Heyman could be mentoring and working with next, and thankfully, there are plenty of exciting options.

    Some of the leading candidates appear to have been revealed by Steve Carrier at Ringside News this week, as he reported that three big names have been touted.

    They include Bobby Lashley and Ronda Rousey, but the most exciting of all could well be SmackDown Live star Samoa Joe.

    That would be a destructive and explosive partnership. Joe doesn't necessarily need someone to cut a promo for him, as he's one of the best in the business in that regard.

    But what he could do with Heyman by his side is extremely exciting. It would almost certainly mean a run with the WWE Championship at some point, and that can only be a good thing.

News on Becky Lynch's Booking

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    WWE appears to have learned quickly that booking Becky Lynch as a heel was never really going to work.

    Lynch has received thunderous receptions since turning heel at SummerSlam, and while they have been in typically noisy parts of the wrestling world in Brooklyn and Toronto, it's clear fans have no interest in turning their backs on Becky.

    So with that in mind, WWE appears to have altered its stance on Lynch somewhat.

    H Jenkins at Ringside News reported this week that sources have suggested Lynch's character direction has now changed, and WWE is booking her as a tweener.

    This is a smart, sensible move from WWE. Let fans decide which wrestler they want to support, be that Lynch or Charlotte Flair. However, you'd find it hard to imagine too many supporting Flair, given how phenomenally over Lynch has been in recent times.

    Her explosive attack on Flair on Tuesday, followed by a verbal tirade which drew a huge pop, suggests Lynch is very much the preferred wrestler of the two.

Roman Reigns Set for 'Lengthy Title Reign' with Universal Championship

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    Any fans hoping for a quick switch of the Universal Championship following SummerSlam are set to be disappointed, it appears. 

    Reigns is slated to defend the title against Braun Strowman at Hell in a Cell in a few weeks' time, but SI.com's Justin Barrasso reported this week that WWE is set to establish a "lengthy title reign" for Roman moving forward.

    That means that Strowman, who has seemingly forfeited his Money in the Bank briefcase for the match at Hell in a Cell, is looking likely to come up short.

    For a guy who had built so much momentum throughout the summer and looked like a future champion in the making, it is going to be fascinating to see how WWE keeps Strowman in the main event picture moving out of a feud with Roman.

    And who will Reigns challenge after that?

WWE Heading for Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre?

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    More news on Reigns' title reign, and more news from Barrasso at SI.com.

    He reported this week that when the aforementioned feud with Strowman is out of the way, his next challenger is set to be another giant heel.

    However, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that it's slated to be none other than Drew McIntyre.

    Since graduating from NXT to the main roster, McIntyre's time on Raw has been spent primarily working as a henchman and enforcer for Dolph Ziggler, but it looks like he could be set for a huge push.

    How the casual crowds react to a guy that hasn't really made a noticeable impact on his own since winning the NXT Championship remains to be seen. It's a bold step, but one which could just establish McIntyre where he belongs: at the top of the card.


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