Is The Madden Cover Jinx Real Or Fake?

Burger KingCorrespondent IJune 6, 2008

Everyone has already heard of "The Madden Cover Jinx", where who ever appears on the popular NFL video game's cover will somehow be cursed that season.  But does it actually work? Or is it just a fake? Let's look at the covers and see...

Madden '99: Garrison Hearst was the first player to be on the cover of Madden, the video game.  He had one of his best seasons ever for the 49ers, rushing for 1,570 yards.  He was injury free the whole year until he broke his ankle on the first play in the divisional playoffs against the falcons, they went on to lose the game.  

1999 Madden Curse: Legit

Madden '00: Dorsey Levens was on the cover of Madden 2000.  Nothing really bad happened to Levens that year. But some may think his career was going downwards. The next year he got cut by the Packers and would eventually leave football in 2004.  

2000 Madden Curse: Not Legit

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Madden '01: Eddie George was on the cover of Madden '01. He suffered a toe injury that bothered him the whole year and limited him of his superb play.  He also had a game costing fumble that is very unusual of him in the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoffs.  

2001 Madden Curse: Legit

Madden '02: After having a great season in 2001 and landing on the cover of Madden 2002, Daunte Culpepper had an off year throwing 13 interceptions and only 14 touchdowns in 11 games.  He then injured his back and did not play the rest of the year.  

2002 Madden Curse: Legit

Madden '03: Marshall Faulk appeared on the cover for the 2003 season after coming off two Super Bowl appearances. In '03, Faulk injured his ankle and had his first below 1000 yards rushing season in four years.  The Rams also missed the playoffs with a lousy 7-9 record.  

2003 Madden Curse: Legit

Madden '04: The year of Madden that really inspired a lot of people to start believing the curse.  Michael Vick was the player for Madden 2004 to be on the cover.  And just five days later after being on it, he fractured his leg in a preseason game.  He was out almost the entire season except for five games and the Falcons went 5-11.  

2004 Madden Curse: Legit

Madden '05: Ray Lewis appeared as the first defensive player to be on the cover. It was Ray Lewis' first season without a pick.  Lewis also broke his arm in week 15, but only missed week 17 out of the whole season. 

2005 Madden Curse: Not Legit

Madden '06: After getting to the Super Bowl the year before with his 13-3 Eagles, Donovan Mcnabb became the cover athlete for Madden 2006.  That season he suffered a sports hernia, but played until after the November 14th game.  Mcnabb also lost his primary receiver Terrell Owens.  

2006 Madden Curse: Legit

Madden '07: For the 2006-2007 season Shawn Alexander was on the cover of the Madden video game.  Alexander was coming off one of his best years with a 1880 yard season while also setting a single season touchdown record.  

The year he was on the cover he broke his foot and missed six games.  LaDainian Tomlinson went on to break his touchdown record by scoring 31 in 16 games.  

2007 Madden Curse: Legit

Madden '08: Tennessee Titans' quarterback Vince Young appeared on the 2008 cover of Madden.  Young had a pretty decent year throwing 2,456 yards and also throwing nine touchdowns. He only missed one game from a quad injury.

2008 Madden Curse: Not Legit

So there are all the run-downs of the cover athletes of the Madden video game. After adding them all up the results end in this:

Legit Madden Curse Years: Seven

Not Legit Madden Curse Years: Three

Brett Favre was announced as the cover athlete of Madden 2009.  He is the first athlete to be retired and on the cover.  Therefore there is no possible way that something bad can happen to him on the field.  The Madden curse might be fading away in some people's minds but to me THE MADDEN CURSE IS LEGIT.