Why the Guarantee By Raiders' Richard Seymour Is Audacity of Hope

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IOctober 23, 2009

Star defensive-tackle Richard "The King" Seymour of the Oakland Raiders has had the audacity of hope to declare that the Oakland Raiders will earn a postseason berth.

Many in Raider Nation think that Seymour's statements are setting up the Raiders for heartbreak.

Frankly, I love it.

I call Seymour the King, as in King Richard, and that the team needs to listen to The King.  He has three Super Bowl rings, and played for a team that went 16-0 in the regular season.

The King has also played for a New England team in 2001 that started that season at 3-4 and was riddled by the loss of star quarterback Drew Bledsoe, whom was replaced by of course, Tom Brady.  That team of course, would eventually win the Super Bowl in an upset over the St. Louis Rams.

I'm not about to declare JaMarcus Russell as the next Tom Brady, but I am saying that Seymour has triumped through adversity to achieve greatness.  The past is in the past, and the future has yet to be written.

After the Raiders upset the Eagles in a game that included a remarkable sight.  That being a pigeon that flew in sync with the Raiders special teams unit for kickoff coverage.

Pigeons of course have in the past been trained to carry messages ("Carrier Pigeons") and I'd like to believe that that pigeon is an allegory for a message of future success.

I have long defended the Raiders because I thought they lacked effort more than they lacked talent.  It seemed that the Raiders had talent; a talent which led to cockiness, which diffused into a poor work ethic, which resulted in foolish mistakes on the field.

Many times in the seasons of 2003-2005, the Raiders had touchdowns negated by holding penalties.

In 2006-2008, the Raiders often led at half-time only to blow the lead in the fourth quarter.

Thus, I had concluded that the Raiders had talent but a lack of focus and effort to close games.

With Seymour, he has sent a resounding message to the Raiders to man-up rather than just cash paychecks.

Yes, you can!

Man-up, Raiders. Man-up.

And of course, I may have called Richard Seymour "The King," but there is only one true King (ahem). 


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