3 Options for Potential Brock Lesnar Feuds After WWE WrestleMania 34

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2018

Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor must happen before Lesnar exits WWE.
Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor must happen before Lesnar exits WWE.Credit: WWE.com

Rumors have been running rampant for months regarding Brock Lesnar's future with WWE post-WrestleMania 34. Per PWInsider, his current contract is set to expire shortly after the event, meaning his 'Mania match with Roman Reigns might be his last.

Lesnar's latest stint with WWE has been three times as long as his original run from 2002 to 2004. In the last six years, he has mixed it up with virtually everyone from John Cena and The Undertaker to AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

One can argue that The Beast Incarnate has accomplished it all in that time (including two lengthy world-title reigns) and that doing the honors for Reigns on his way out would be a proper way for him to close off this chapter of his career.

However, there are still a few fresh faces Lesnar has yet to cross paths with that would make for intriguing matchups in the remainder of 2018. Even having Lesnar sign a contract extension through SummerSlam in August should allow the following matchups to become a reality at some point.

Before Lesnar rides off into the sunset in WWE and explores other endeavors (perhaps a potential return to UFC), these are the three opponents he should go up against.


Finn Balor

Credit: WWE.com

We have come close to getting Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar on several occasions in the past year. It was a logical matchup for WWE to do considering Balor never technically lost the Universal Championship in 2016 and was owed a rematch for the title.

Every time it appeared officials would pull the trigger on the bout, they got cold feet and scrapped it from whatever card it should have been a part of (Great Balls of Fire, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, etc). That said, there is still a chance we can see them face off coming out of WrestleMania 34.

One of the biggest knocks against doing The Demon vs. The Beast late last year was that Balor wasn't a legitimate threat to the Universal champion as a result of many months of bad booking. Now that he has been rehabbed a bit thanks to the formation of The Balor Club, he could square off with Lesnar and not be squashed in a matter of minutes.

The Universal title wouldn't need to be on the line for this to be a special attraction. It isn't imperative that Balor wins, mind you, but he would look like a star in defeat if he was given enough offense against Lesnar a la Styles at Survivor Series.


Shinsuke Nakamura

Credit: WWE.com

Similar to Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura has been one to watch since graduating from NXT to the main roster almost one year ago. In fact, he finds himself in contention for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 34 following his grand Royal Rumble win back in January.

Nakamura has barely scratched the surface of what he's capable of in the ring, as he has yet to have that one classic contest since his SmackDown Live arrival. That should change at WrestleMania, however, when he and Styles battle in a dream match for the ages and give fans what they've wanted to see in a WWE ring for nearly two years.

Beyond The Phenomenal One, though, there is a slew of Superstars that Nakamura needs to face eventually from the Raw brand. Brock Lesnar is among them, especially considering their history as rivals in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Yes, Nakamura vs. Lesnar did happen over a dozen years ago, but that was well before both men became the performers they are today. A rematch in 2018 would be nothing short of magical and would solidify The Rockstar as a headliner for years to come.


Bobby Lashley

Credit: WWE.com

Looking beyond WWE's active rosters from Raw and SmackDown for a moment, Bobby Lashley would be a perfect opponent for Lesnar following WrestleMania. The former United States and ECW champion has expressed interest in wanting that money match dating back to 2014, though his previous contractual obligations to Impact Wrestling prevented it from ever happening.

With Lashley now a free agent, according to Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc, he is expected to sign with WWE soon, assuming they haven't already come to terms on a deal. He was pushed pretty aggressively back in 2007, but he has improved immensely since then and is unquestionably on Lesnar's level.

Bobby Lashley @fightbobby

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If WWE wished to give Lashley a major boost right from the get-go, putting him in a program with Lesnar would ensure that happens. It can kick off the night after WrestleMania 34 and lead into a highly anticipated encounter at SummerSlam where Lashley emerges victorious and forces Lesnar to leave WWE.

Regardless of how much longer Lesnar sticks around for after the Show of Shows, if at all, he remains a valuable asset to the organization. If the company can manage to sign The Conqueror to a new deal, there are plenty of opponents waiting in the wings who can benefit from working with him.


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