Top UFC Prospect Wins Fight on One Leg, Gives Post-Fight Speech from His Back

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistMarch 4, 2018
Ben Fowlkes @benfowlkesMMA

Sean O’Malley celebrating a win from flat on his back and then also doing his post-fight interview there is my new favorite MMA moment. https://t.co/9T3r0kWQjZ

Sean O'Malley entered UFC 222 in Las Vegas as one of the sport's fastest rising stars. In the early going, he styled all over Andre Soukhamthath. Later in the fight, O'Malley appeared to injure his foot on a kick to his opponent.

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The @SugaSeanMMA Show is here to stay! (@allelbows) #UFC222 https://t.co/Sr29XWH8dY

O'Malley was visibly in pain and was limping unable to put weight on the injured foot. Still, Soukhamthath took him down to the canvas. Soukhamthath did not try to force O'Malley back to his feet, and it allowed O'Malley, who refused to quit because of the injury, to earn a unanimous-decision victory.

The talented prospect could not even stand during the decision announcement, and Joe Rogan had to interview him on the canvas. O'Malley celebrated by throwing his hands over his head and professed his love for all things MMA.

Jimmy Smith @jimmysmithmma

That was the WORST decision making in a fight I have ever seen!! He took down a LIMPING AND INJURED OPPONENT who couldn’t stand up🙄

O'Malley had to be taken on a stretcher to the back because he could not walk under his own power.

O'Malley loves MMA? The feeling is mutual after giving fans such a gritty performance.

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