The Real Reason Nigel McGuinness Signed With TNA Wrestling; Failed WWE Test

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 21, 2009

According to Nigel McGuinness himself yesterday, he decided to go to TNA instead of the WWE because it took too long for him to get a contract. However, this is a lie. He actually failed a certain WWE test.

It should be noted that McGuinness didn't fail a drug test, it was said to be medically related. See, McGuinness does have a history of injuries, and he just came back from two bicep injuries that he was sidelined months for.

He is said to be better now, but apparently not well enough to pass the WWE's prescreening test. The reason TNA signed him was because they do not have a prescreening test for their talent.

It is uncertain if he told TNA the truth or not when he signed, but he did make his debut last night at one of the iMPACT tapings. He has a new name, and goes by Desmond Wolfe. Its not nearly as bad as some other wrestling names have been of course, but one has to wonder why TNA changed it.

The reason Elijah Burke's and Victoria's name was changed was simply because the WWE owned both names, and TNA was forced to use different ones. McGuinness owns the name, as he used it in the independents for years and made the name popular.

I know they want to be like the WWE in that they can just give a guy a new name and make that name big, but if McGuiness left at any point, his name would get him anywhere. The Wolfe name will not be nearly as popular if you ask me.

Either way, one has to wonder if this will hurt his TNA status. If he can't get it done, then he will be let go, and if he signed a deal to where he is guaranteed money, then TNA have really screwed themselves over.

McGuinness is a great performer, this is not under question. But he is 31 and that means he has maybe another good seven to eight years left in him.

And because he has had some injuries before, one has to wonder what would happen if he hurts himself again in the same areas he injured before; would he be able to come back? 

One thing I should point out is that TNA Wrestling probably need to get off their high horse on this one. Daniels and others came out via Twitter and other ways to kind of brag because they signed McGuinness and the WWE didn't.

The truth is that the WWE killed off their verbal commitment when he didn't pass the prescreening, which means he was rejected from the WWE. The WWE was not his first choice and TNA didn't lure him away. TNA was his number two pick, and his last resort outside of going back to Ring of Honor.

Its a nice pick-up for TNA, but there will be no "revenge" against TNA over this one. Basically all they did was get a WWE reject when you boil it down. They didn't pull one over on them at all.

It should be noted that there is currently no heat at all on WWE Senior Vice President of talent relations John Laurinaitis. The WWE feels that he was "only doing his job".



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