NFL Bone Heads of the Week for Week Six

Josh McCainSenior Writer IOctober 20, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 5:  A devoted Raiders fan looks on during the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs at Network Associates Coliseum on December 5, 2004 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

I’m a dog lover, in fact I have two of my own: a rambunctious Jack Russell Terrier (some may say Terror) named Taylor, and an older than dirt Beagle named Diamond.

I was completely and utterly appalled by the actions of fellow Virginian Michael Vick when it was discovered that he was the leader of an underground dog fighting ring.

However, I was of the ilk that after he had served his time in a federal prison and then served his suspension handed down by the National Football League that it would be OK if he returned to work if a team would have him.

Now with that said, I will never cheer for Vick, and I hope his second stint in the NFL ends in failure for one reason and one reason only. He forced me to side with PETA, something I swore I would never do. For that trespass, I can never forgive him.

I do know how to move on though. Apparently fans in Oakland do not. During Sunday’s loss to the Oakland Raiders, Vick had to endure boos, barks, and a plane circling the stadium with a banner that read "Dog Fighter Go Home!" which was sponsored by Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pitbulls.

One would think losing to the Raiders would be enough punishment, but apparently not.

Throughout my 30-plus articles written and countless articles read on Bleacher Report, I have avoided commenting on the Vick story. 

Today though, that comes to an end. Today, my “Bone Head of the Week” article becomes “Bone Heads of the Week,” and I proudly present it to the fans in Oakland.

Now classy and Raiders fan don’t often get associated with one another, so their actions should not be so shocking, but I just can’t figure how so much can be made of a third string, non-factor in Philly’s offense.

I mean, if Philly fans (probably the meanest of all fanbases) can get over the dog fighting, can’t we all?

So, Oakland fans, I’ve been waiting all season to say this, you are my Bone Heads of the Week. 

And to modify a quote from Ron Burgundy, “Stay classy, Oakland.”

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