Monday Headlines: Did Tennessee Quit On Jeff Fisher Sunday?

Samuel Bell JrSenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 04:  Head coach Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans watches the action during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

While watching the Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game yesterday which turned out to be very good, James Brown kept interrupting the game for his infamous Game Breaks, highlights and scores from other games.

At first he showed the Patriots put up a couple of scores against the Titans. Cool, Tom Brady is performing at his highest level again. Expected it.

Brown's next game break wasn't even fathomable. Or so I thought.

Brady and the Pats had put up 35 points in the second quarter. Halftime score was 45-0. No, please tell me that's a misread. Maybe Brown said it wrong.

Tennessee wouldn't go out like that, would they? Jeff Fisher is one of the most consistent coaches in the NFL if not the most consistent.

Is this the same Titan team that went 13-3 last season? It was as improbable as it can get. Brown was right on point. 45-0, halftime.

There's no reason an NFL team should be losing by that much of a margin. Hollywood couldn't make a movie that would make us believe that is possible.

In today's parity-dominated league, even bad teams can put up fights and knock off the best teams (see Oakland over Philadelphia).

How can a team of 53-men lose by nearly 60-points to another team of men and they're both professionals? There's only one-way: they quit.

That's it. Period. Those guys quit on Fisher Sunday, and the ensuing embarrassment is all they have to show for it.

There's nothing else that kind of ineptitude can be attributed to. The weather? Not an excuse, because both teams have to play in it, and all of those guys have played in inclement weather before.

Score three points. At least hit the scoreboard. Man, at least have a quarterback on your team pass for over 15 yards. I thought Vince Young's stat-line was especially funny:

0/2, 0 yards, INT

Wow, really?

I thought maybe this was a bad episode of Friday Night Lights . Unfortunately, it was all real. Just ask Fisher. His guys quit on him.

With the way Tennessee looked, they don't deserve to win a game this season. I thought the Browns-Bills offering was the worst football I'd ever seen. Well, maybe for just one week.

What other stories are burning up the headlines in the NFL today?

Giants give up 48 points to Saints in loss

This was supposed to be an epic battle of the undefeated's. It turned out to just be a one-sided performance of epic proportions.

Drew Brees threw the ball all up and through the Giants pass coverage en route to a 369-yard, four TD performance.

It seemed that Brees could do no wrong as he continuously completed passes to a plethora of receivers. Heck, even Reggie Bush ran one in for a score.

New York A looked like a 1-4 team, and not one who came in undefeated. Eli Manning looked like "Bad-Eli," a name he earned by being so inconsistent in his past.

Can the Giants come back from this?

Of course they can, especially in the once mighty NFC East. But this one had to hurt a little, and put that ounce of fear back into Giants fans hearts about the appearance of "Bad Eli."

Brett Favre and the Vikings stay undefeated with a win over Baltimore

Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised at what Favre is doing considering how well he started the season in New York last year, but I am.

I expected to see Favre throwing more picks and less TD's, but that simply hasn't happened yet.

He and Adrian Peterson were a deadly combination again Sunday, as Favre threw for 278 yards with three TD's and Peterson ran for 143 yards on 22 carries.

I'm more surprised that Baltimore is only playing .500 ball. With Joe Flacco in his second season, and that always good defense, I would've bet on Baltimore coming in and leaving this game unblemished.

For now it's Mr. Comeback leading the charge for a Vikes team that is giving Brad Childress gray hair to fill his bald spots with these last second wins.

Eagles lose to Raiders, 13-9

Soon as everyone became comfortable in lambasting the Raiders for their usual sad-to-watch offense, JaMarcus Russell slightly woke-up and the Raiders D was sensational in a stunning defeat of Philadelphia.

Much as everyone would love to pin this loss on the left side of Donovan McNabb's chest, they can't get away with it. At least not logically.

McNabb completed 22 passes for 269 yards. Yes he passed at under a 50 percent clip, but you can blame Andy Reid for that.

Everyone knows that Reid is a pass-happy coach that can't seem to rely on his running game to give his offense more freedom. Maybe he's used to the oft-injured Brian Westbrook not being around.

Isn't that why they drafted Pitt RB LeSean McCoy?

I don't know why they drafted him, but with Reid's current game-plan nobody will be injured but the WR's and McNabb from being hit so much.

Maybe Sundays loss to the Silver and Black will be enough for the clipboard to slap Reid in the face and wake him up.

Who am I kidding?


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