What Would It Take To Bring Jon Gruden Back To The Oakland Raiders?

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2009

Some people tend to act like fixing the Raiders problems are simple. Just bench Russell and higher Gruden and we will be fine...right?

Unfortunately, its not quite that simple. Whose to say Gruden would even be willing to coach for the Raiders and deal with Al Davis again. Sure, there are a few things that suggest he would want to come back to the Raiders, but there is actually a lot that suggests he wouldn't.

Bringing in Gruden will be no easy task, and in order for it to happen a few key things need to happen. Here are a few things that need to happen in order to bring Gruden back to Oakland.

First we need a good word from Paul Hackett.

Hackett and Gruden worked together the last few years in Tampa. Likely the two are still in contact with each other and Hackett's opinion will carry a lot of weight in whether or not Gruden would even consider coming to Oakland.

So in order to get Gruden we need to keep Hackett happy. Maybe promote him to offensive coordinator or play-caller when Cable gets suspended or give his love child Bruce Gradkowski a shot at leading the offense.

Then we need full fan support.

In order for Gruden to come back it needs to be known that we miss him and he is still welcome and wanted in Oakland. Also, the fans need to convince Al Davis that the best option for the franchise is Jon Gruden. Because ultimately the future of the franchise and whether or not the Raiders even ask Gruden to come back is all up to Al Davis.

Lastly, Al Davis must agree to have minimal interference with the team.

If Gruden can't be convinced he will have full control over the team, then no way in hell he comes back. And sorry Al Davis, no verbal agreements or loopholes this time. You must create a contract in which you clearly state you will give Gruden and his staff full control.

This is the hardest part. Will Al Davis finally come to his senses and realize it is time for someone other than him to run his franchise and finally turn the keys over to someone else?

Well, though unlikely, I am still a wishful thinker. What's to say it won't happen one day?


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