NFL Plays Hardball With Blackout Policy

Al's WingmanAnalyst IOctober 14, 2009

How sad is it I cannot find any really cheap Raiders tickets online (except for 300 section nosebleed which SUCK regardless of what anyone hypes otherwise).  You would think people want to unload their tickets any way they can but people spent a few hundred (or a few thousand) bucks before the season in hopes this year would be different.  Well, those folks now are having buyer's remorse and want a return on their misplaced investment.

No can do.  No one is paying face value for Raiders tickets unless you have absolutely nothing else to do on Sunday or money to burn.

What is even sadder is I actually want to go to this game because it will be blacked out (since the game will not sell out unless Al buys a lot of empty seats).

Can you believe the NFL blackout rules even extends to satellite networks?  We can't even go to a restaurant or bar with a feed.  How shameful is this NFL blackout policy when we can't even watch our beleaguered Raiders?

Not only are hard working fans expected to shell out top dollar to sit in the stadium, we are not even entitled to a mercy exemption.  Hey Roger and NFL Office underlings, we're under the bus here.  All we want is to watch the game, even if it's another blowout.

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You see, we're addicted to watching the Raiders on Sundays every Fall.  You know this and you depend on that for your revenue stream.  We have to watch the game even though many of us are losing faith (or in my case have lost it entirely).

I think this makes you culpable of extortion to insist we pay full price to attend the game.  It is clear to everyone paying attention, we are being force fed an inferior product unworthy of even half what full price tickets are going for. 

You can claim this is a personal choice how we spend our money but in the end, it is you who are living a fat cat existence and we who are paying the price for our franchise owner's pathetically stupid methodology for bringing his team into the grave with his rotting carcass.

If we are not granted a mercy exemption, sad to say, we don't like you very much Roger and other NFL underlings.

Just thought you would want to know.

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