NBA Fantasy Basketball Rankings: Shooting Guards (SG) 2009-10

John LorgeSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2009

The first thing you want from your fantasy basketball shooting guard is scoring, but that’s not enough for most fantasy owners.

If you can’t pass, rebound, hit the three, and steal a few balls you won’t be on my fantasy roster. 

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The Top 10

1. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat 

The Heat didn't get a whole lot better in terms of talent this summer, which means Wade will still have to will the team to victories. 

Entering his prime, we could see another 30 point per game season from Wade where he is an elite rebounder and passer for either guard position. 

Defensively his 2.2 steals and 1.3 blocks per game are outstanding, and he made over one three per game for the first time in his career. Just don't plan on winning many turnover battles with him.

2. Kobe Bryant, Los Angles Lakers 

For each of the past four seasons Kobe has seen his points and minutes per game decline. He still posts amazing numbers, but with all of the talent around him Bryant does not need to carry the team anymore.

All that being said Bryant will still eclipse 25 points per game as well as five rebounds and five assists per game. He is a very good defender, gets to the stripe, and scores from three. 

Bryant has also played 82 games for two straight seasons.

3. Brandon Roy, Portland Trailblazers 

There is a chance Roy's scoring numbers have capped at 22.6 points per game, but in combination with over five assists and four rebounds that is a great fantasy effort. 

Roy will get you at least one three-pointer and one steal per game, and he continues to get to the foul stripe more and more.  If you're worried about turnovers he won't hurt you there either.

4. Joe Johnson, Atlanta Hawks 

With numbers almost identical to Roy it can be tough picking between the two. One thing to consider is that the Hawks brought in Jamal Crawford this summer, another combo guard to share the ball with.

If Johnson doesn't play 40 minutes per game like he has since the 2003-04 season in Phoenix, he could see a dip in numbers, but nothing that should scare you away from his standout numbers.

5. Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers 

After Philly said goodbye to Andre Miller they don't have a true point guard in the starting lineup, giving Iguodala a chance to improve on his 5.3 assists per game from last year.

The biggest concern with Iguodala is how poorly he started the year off last season when Elton Brand was on the court. 

With Mo Cheeks gone, and the star duo having a chance to work together for a year, I think AI can still find a way to get his even if Brand is the first option in the half court. 

As a plus he hasn't missed a game in two years.

6. Jason Richardson, Phoenix Suns 

Two years ago Richardson led the NBA in threes—then came Larry Brown. Now that J-Rich is back in an offensive friendly system and the Suns want to get back to scoring, I like his chances at leading the league again.

Richardson has never been much of a passer, and it won't be expected of him with Nash around, but he can still hit the boards and generate steals like a top-notch fantasy SG. 

7. Vince Carter, Orlando Magic 

Moving to Orlando, Carter will be playing on the most talented team he has been on since his UNC days. That means Carter won't be expected to score 20 points per night, but it doesn't mean he won't try.

The Magic like hoisting the three and Carter has never been opposed to that. Even in his 30's Carter is still good for close to 80 games.  He may see a decline in minutes, leading to a drop in rebounds and assists, but he is still a top 50 fantasy player.

8. Kevin Martin, Sacramento Kings 

*Buyer Beware*—There is plenty to love about Martin in fantasy hoops. He is an elite scorer, who makes it rain from deep and does an excellent job of getting to the foul line. 

There is also plenty to hate, including the fact that Martin missed 31 games last year, and 21 the year before. On top of that he won't help much in the way of rebounds or assists considering he plays almost 40 minutes per night, but he is good for a steal. 

If you can handle the risk you will love his production.

9. Ben Gordon, Detroit Pistons 

Off the bench or in the starting lineup Gordon always finds a way to get his.  If the Pistons trade Rip Hamilton away at some point in the year, Gordon could best his 20.7 points per game from last year.

Although Gordon doesn't pass as much as he shoots, he still averaged 3.4 assists per game last year. He is a willing rebounder too.

Everyone knows they will get a plethora of threes from Gordon and they will get them every game, as he has played 80-plus games in four of five seasons.

10. O.J. Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies 

As a rookie Mayo showed he could handle a full NBA season (82 G, 38 MPG) and get his shot off all over the court. He is a very good three point shooter and only bounced off the rookie wall a few times in the middle of the year.

You may have been impressed with the combo guard's 3.8 rebounds per game but his 3.2 assists per game were slightly less than expected. 

Even with improved offense around him I see Mayo's game progressing which means another high teens scoring average and very good percentages.

Next Best

Eric Gordon, Los Angles Clippers 

There were a lot of doubters on Gordon entering the year but he was productive in big minutes as a rookie. He plays above the rim and gets to the free throw line, on top of an outstanding deep shot.

J.R. Smith, Denver Nuggets

The sky's the limit for J.R. He should eclipse 30 MPG for the first time in his career.  Inconsistent production can be frustrating, but the big games make him worthwhile.

Ray Allen, Boston Celtics 

Still a leader in threes, he scores effortlessly but his minutes should dwindle come fantasy playoff time.

Manu Ginobili, San Antonio Spurs 

*Buyer Beware*—Fills the stat sheet but injury concerns may have him sitting more than owners would like.

Jason Terry, Dallas Mavericks 

Sixth man is worth a starting role in fantasy with his scoring and three point production.  He plays a lot of games and can pass when needed.

Michael Redd, Milwaukee Bucks 

*Buyer Beware* The Bucks will force feed him until he goes down, 52 games per year average over the last three.

Nate Robinson, New York Knicks 

Out to prove numbers were no fluke, Robinson scores from deep, passes, steals, and will get boards.

Randy Foye, Washington Wizards 

*Buyer Beware*Plagued with injuries for two years, he can be an effective combo guard, but isn't that what Arenas is?

Jamal Crawford, Atlanta Hawks

Role has not been defined in Atlanta but he is one of the NBA's top offensive players.

Richard Hamilton, Detroit Pistons 

Still one of the NBA's best jump shooters, Rip also gets more assists than expected.

Josh Howard, Dallas Mavericks 

*Buyer Beware*—Ankle is bothering him as we speak, averages are outstanding but will frustrate you throughout the year.

Leandro Barbosa, Phoenix Suns 

Combo guard wants to increase his role in the Suns O.

Don't Sleep On

Courtney Lee, New Jersey Nets 

High expectations in NJ for the second year pro. Points, threes, and steals will be there.

Ronnie Brewer, Utah Jazz

Increased role led to increased production in 2008-09, he will "steal" you a few wins.

Brandon Rush, Indiana Pacers 

As long as Dunleavy is out Rush will be Granger's sidekick on the wing.

Anthony Morrow, Golden State Warriors

While everyone is fighting in Oakland, Morrow is draining threes.

Chris Douglas-Roberts, New Jersey Nets

Possible sixth man role could result in scoring production like we saw back in college.

Kirk Hinrich, Chicago Bulls 

Will consume some of the threes Gordon left behind. Can pass too.

Larry Hughes, New York Knicks 

*Buyer Beware*—Ready to post a career high in threes but his best days are behind him.

Tracy McGrady, Houston Rockets

*Buyer Beware*—When he comes back he will star on the Rockets offense, but I'm betting he will be out again.

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