Why Raider Fans Should Support Bill Cowher for Coach or Boycott

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2009

Clearly, the Tom Cable experiment is not producing in Oakland and my patience with the Raiders has worn thin.

Anyone who follows my articles would know the level of my passionate support of the Raiders, through thick and thin and against the incessant taunts.

And especially, the attempts to characterize the Raiders as the worst sports franchise ever.  That though is just insane bias.

Al Davis and the Raiders are just a prime example of Greek tragedy...I'm not going to explain that.

The following might be mean, but at least, it is fair.

I have long argued that everyone has a bias, it is just how well you defend it.  Yet, when people argue that the Raiders historically, are a bigger joke than the New York Knicks, LA Clippers, San Diego Padres, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, Oklahoma Thunder, or even my Golden State Warriors, I take an issue with that.

The gossip columnist, Jay Mariotti, even went so far as to call the Raiders a, "god-awful franchise."

The point of this article though is to send a message to the Raiders that we expect changes from Al Davis or we boycott.  That's right: Boycott.  If real changes aren't made, we leave. 

No more horsing around with this arrogant bull***.

"We're not Gonna Take It!"

That song is also for Jay Mariotti.

We want an established coach who can restore the credibility of our team, who can develop the extensive raw talent of the roster.

If Davis cannot swallow his pride and truly empower and pay a coach with the money that Davis makes from loyal Raider fans who are tired of this s***, then I say: BOYCOTT.

Don't go to or watch the games, don't buy the merchandise, write letters, cut off your season tickets if you own them.  I'm talking to you, Black Hole faithful.  Raider fans must voice their discontent with the path of the Raiders and voice that we are p*****!

I would even go so far as having public demonstrations to destroy Raider merchandise to make ourselves clear (as Denver fans did with Cutler jerseys).

I would also suggest that the city of Oakland should sue Al Davis and take control and make the Raiders community owned, like the Packers.  Suing Davis also sounds like Dante Alighieri's idea of ironic damnation in Dante's Inferno.

Ironically, there must be a special circle in (Dante's) Hell for Al Davis and what he's done to Raider fans (since 2003).  In that circle, Davis is forced to forever butt-heads with Pete Rozelle.

We must show that Raider pride runs deeper than loyalty to Al Davis, despite the fact that Davis built the team.  The fact is that, the Raiders profit from loyal fans who get repaid with humiliation and slop by unfocused players.

It is time to say, enough!

Of the established coaches available, we can already rule out Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden.  That would leave Brian Billick and Bill Cowher.

My vote would be for Cowher.

He wouldn't laugh at money and power. That's why I say - Davis better pony-up to what Cowher or Billick wants or we boycott.

The bottom line is...Davis needs to hire an established coach and back off, or:



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