Father's Day Sports Dads: 15 Children of Pro Athletes Who Got Next

Natalie Weiner@natalieweinerStaff WriterJune 16, 2017

Father's Day Sports Dads: 15 Children of Pro Athletes Who Got Next

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    Father's Day is Sunday, and while plenty of athletes are dads, the children of athletes aren't always all-star gym rats. Some, though, stay in the family business and turn their genetic and situational advantages into championships. (Hello, Steph!)

    Read on to learn which kids of pro athletes have the chance to turn their dads' winning legacies into lasting dynasties.

Zaire Wade

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    Dad: Dwyane Wade

    Sport: Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2020

    He's barely into high school, but Z-Wade is already getting tips from Kobe Bryant, talking trash to Jimmy Butler and critiquing his dad's game. Luckily, he appears to have the skills to back it up. Just 6'1" (for now), the 15-year-old has hypnotic highlight reels: He can shoot, he can pass and his handles are unbelievable. Wade is also raising his nephew Dahveon Morris, another potential basketball star.

    If the Bulls can hold on to D-Wade for a few more years, they might just have a father/son duo on their hands.

LeBron James Jr.

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Dad: LeBron James

    Sport: Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Not many 12-year-olds reportedly have standing scholarship offers from Duke and Kentucky, but then again, not many 12-year-olds are named LeBron James Jr. The elder Bron has said young Bronny is better than he was at 12, which is eye-popping information coming from one of the greatest players of all time.

    Could LeBron Jr. surpass his dad on the court? If he keeps posterizing people during pickup and doing in-game under-leg layups, it seems like the ceiling is pretty high. No pressure!

Cole Anthony

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    Gregory Payan/Associated Press

    Dad: Greg Anthony

    Sport: Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2019

    Cole Anthony is the rare pro athlete progeny who has a real chance to outshine his dad. As a guard at basketball powerhouse Archbishop Molloy, he's ranked No. 11 in the country for the class of 2019 per Scout, earning interest from top NCAA teams like Kentucky and Kansas. "I just try to take all the knowledge I can get from him," the younger Anthony tells Rivals of his famous father.

Vashti Cunningham

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    Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

    Dad: Randall Cunningham

    Sport: High Jump

    Graduation Year: 2016

    Vashti Cunningham made headlines last year when she made her Olympic debut in Rio. Despite falling short of a medal, the record-setting athlete signed with Nike and continues to compete internationally as she prepares for the 2020 Tokyo Games. Her father Randall, a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback, competed in high jump himself and now coaches all of his children along with leading his church Remnant Ministries.

Ron Artest III

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    Dad: Metta World Peace

    Sport: Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2017

    At 6'7", the younger Ron Artest is already the same height as his father and has the dunk highlights to prove it. Artest III has only been playing ball for a couple of years but has already developed into a 3-star recruit during his time at Beverly Hills High School—and even gotten a little TMZ time talking trash (very sweetly) about the Ball family, which is quickly becoming an L.A. rite of passage (it should be noted that LaVar Ball still has never played in the NBA).

    Metta, in contrast, says he tries to be "a hands-off basketball dad," but that doesn't mean he's not giving him some pointers.

Scotty Pippen Jr.

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    Dad: Scottie Pippen

    Sport: Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2019

    Scotty Jr. (yes, it's a "y" and not an "ie") is buckling down as he heads into his junior year. The 5'11" guard averaged 11.8 points per game at Pine Crest High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, between Instagramming pool-assisted dunks. Young Pip (Pip-squeak?) started generating buzz at this spring's Nike Elite camp, but best of all is the fact he's got his dad on his side.

Cha'iel Johnson

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    Dad: Chad Johnson

    Sport: Track and Field

    Graduation Year: 2023

    Cha'iel Johnson can do it all. Aside from winning the AAU Junior Olympics 800-meter race two years in a row, she's also a natural at soccer and even boxes with her NFL star dad. Who knows—maybe she'll even take all that speed onto the gridiron like Pops.

Dennis Rodman Jr.

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    Dad: Dennis Rodman

    Sport: Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2019

    As his dad continues his diplomacy efforts, Dennis Rodman Jr. is working on his jump shot. The 6'4" sophomore is "one of the more underrated or unknown players in Southern California," according to his coach. It's hard to imagine anyone who bears the last name Rodman could fly under the radar, but that's exactly what D.J. has been doing during his tenure at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California, since apparently he also plays varsity football.

    Dennis Jr. inherited more than his dad's athleticism, though—he's also flexing hair-wise. May bright colors and college scholarships both be in his future.

E.J. Smith

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    Dad: Emmitt Smith

    Sport: Football

    Graduation Year: 2020

    E.J. Smith wore his father's number—22—as he started on the varsity team as a freshman at Dallas Jesuit High School as a wide receiver. Sure, he's just starting out, but dragging five defenders for a first down is a promising foundation to build upon.

Jada Vick

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    Dad: Michael Vick

    Sport: Flag Football/Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2023

    At 12, Jada Vick is the quarterback of the high school girls flag football team, and her dad says he sees some of himself in her play—but she's got handles too.

    WNBA? The new flag football league her dad is helping to launch? The sky's the limit.

Thaddeus Moss

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    Mike Comer/Getty Images

    Dad: Randy Moss

    Sport: Football

    Graduation Year: 2016

    The 6'4" tight end is transferring to LSU after signing with N.C. State as the No. 18 recruit at his position last year. There are definitely hints of Randy in his game, though obviously living up to The Freak is no small task.

Bol Bol

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    Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

    Dad: Manute Bol

    Sport: Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2018

    The 7'2" (!) center is one of the top-ranked prospects in the class of 2018—and plays for the same AAU team as Shareef O'Neal. Obviously he's great in the post, but Bol is also shooting almost 50 percent from threeso it makes sense he already has eight offers from D-I schools.

    Sadly, his father Manute Bol—who once put on a three-point showcase himself—died in 2010, but it's safe to say with Bol the family legacy is secure.

Charity Bradley

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    Dad: Shawn Bradley

    Sport: Volleyball

    Graduation Year: 2017

    Though not quite as tall as the Stormin' Mormon, at 6'4" Charity Bradley is a force to be reckoned with on the volleyball court. The all-state outside hitter from St. George, Utah, has committed to play for Washington State next year, where she'll likely continue to be a beast at the net (she had 418 kills last year).

Keyshawn Johnson Jr.

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    Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

    Dad: Keyshawn Johnson

    Sport: Football

    Graduation Year: 2017

    Keyshawn Jr. avoided following in his father's footsteps by choosing Nebraska over USC, where Keyshawn Sr. was a two-time consensus All-American. Starting practice this spring, he's already gotten into a little trouble, but the 6'1" receiver will look to break out this fall under the tutelage of head coach Mike Riley, who coached the elder Keyshawn at USC.

Shareef O'Neal

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    Gregory Payan/Associated Press

    Dad: Shaquille O'Neal

    Sport: Basketball

    Graduation Year: 2018

    The 6'9" Shareef, a top-40 player nationally according to Scout, has already committed to playing for Arizona when he graduates next year. We all get another year of highlights of him and Bol Bol tearing up the court for their AAU team, California Supreme. He's also pretty great at Twitter.

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