NFLPA Speaking Out Against Limbaugh Is About Politics

Chad HensleyCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 2:  Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh speaks at the National Association of Broadcasters October 2, 2003 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Limbaugh resigned from his job at ESPN after racial comments he made about Philadelphia Eagles Donovan McNabb caused an uproar from fans and media. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Rush Limbaugh wants to purchase the St. Louis Rams.  The NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith has spoken out against it.  

The next few months will again show how much politics can affect sports, which we all wish were politics-free.

If you think Smith's ties to President Barack Obama has nothing to do with it, then you are a Kool-Aid drinker.

Politics have probably always been a part of the NFL, as it is affects all of our lives, whether we like it or not. But blocking someone from purchasing a team because they don't agree with their political beliefs is a slippery slope with no end.

And no, it isn't about racism. Sorry again to those drunk on the Kool-Aid.

Racism is just the card that is thrown anytime someone doesn't agree with an outspoken, conservative political figure. 

For instance, many people are saying that it is racist, because millions of Americans don't agree with President Obama's health care reform. I am pretty confident those same people were speaking up against health care reform when the President was a white, southerner named Bill Clinton.

Does anyone doubt that if Jesse Jackson wanted to purchase the Rams, and a white NFL representative spoke out against Jackson's perceived racism over the years, it would be that representative who would be considered racist?  

And what happens if a player is found to be racist?  Should they not be allowed to play? And remember, it isn't just white people who are racist.

But again, this isn't about racism.  This is politics.

The government controls enough, they don't need to run the NFL, too.


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