Bone Head Writers Volume One: Shaq at Six?

Ari HoringSenior Analyst IOctober 13, 2009

Bone Head Writers is an article written every week that points out one writer that has shown that they have no idea what they are talking about.

The Bone Head in this volume that I would like to point out to is Kelly Dwyer of the blog Balls Don't Lie on Yahoo Sports.

On Oct. 6 he published an article listing the NBA-players-of-the-last-decade?urn=nba,194287">top ten players of the decade.

Besides the fact that it seems that Balls Don't Lie is getting desperate for Top 10 lists, the main reason Kelly Dwyer is our selected bonehead is that he put Shaq at No. 6.

Ringless Dirk Nowitski, and LeBron James were put ahead of the four time champion Shaq!!

Kevin Garnett, who has no finals MVPs, was put over the three time finals MVP Shaq.

Shame on you Dwyer!!

I'm not sure if Dwyer forgot that 2000-2002, when Shaq won three titles, was actually part of the last decade.

I'm not sure if Dwyer forgot that Shaq has the highest scoring average for a center in NBA Finals history.

According to Dwyer,

"Shaquille O'Neal, man among men, is only sixth on this list. It's been a pretty good decade.

Shaq turned in one of the great seasons of all time in 1999-00, but he's only averaged about 65 contests a season since then, he's been out of shape for a few of those years, and ultimately disappointed a bit to these eyes.

He also was a beast down low, won four championships, produced some poorly rated summertime TV fare, Tweeted like a fiend, picked several lame fights and contributed to several playoff teams. Big man, big noise, big production."

Dwyer recognizes that Shaq turned in one of the great seasons of all time in 2000 but failed to recognize that his next two seasons were almost just as great.

Those three seasons, if you include the playoffs and Finals, were better than any other season by any one else in the decade, and it would be hard to argue against it.

Dwyer seems to think that averaging 65 games a year is a really big deal, even though it never once cost Shaq a playoff appearance, and was never a reason he didn't win a championship. Sixty-five games, in reality, isn't bad for a 300 plus pound center who spent most of the decade in his 30's. Take a look at the last five injury filled years of Hakeem Olajuwon and Patrick Ewing's career, and you'll see what I mean.

I'm not sure if Dwyer didn't realize that an "out of shape" Shaq appeared in half of the NBA Finals of the last decade, missed only one playoff, and all star appearance.

I don't know how some people are allowed to be called experts in their field when they can let their bias show so tremendously.

Dwyer needs to admit that he frankly doesn't like Shaq, because there is no other reason to disrespect one of the all time greatest players, ever, by putting ringless Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, and zero time finals MVP Kevin Garnett over him.

Ari Horing is a Feature Writer for SportsScribes.net and can be contacted at akhoring@eiu.edu


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