Bay to Breakers 2017 Results: Men and Women's Top Finishers and Best Photos

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2017

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Kenya's Philemon Cheboi and Ethiopia's Buze Diriba won the men's and women's divisions, respectively, at Sunday's Bay to Breakers 12k race in San Francisco.

PossoSports shared Cheboi crossing the finish line in first place:

PossoSports @PossoSports

@PossoSports sweep men's race @BaytoBreakers 1. Philemon Cheboi KEN 34:48 2. Geoffrey Bundi KEN 35:15 3. Gabriel Geay TAN 35:32 https://t.co/wFKonS6rkZ

The event's Twitter account did the same for Diriba:

Bay to Breakers @Baytobreakers

The winner of the female division for the 106th @AlaskaAir @Baytobreakers is Buze Diriba with a time of 39:48! Amazing! #BaytoBreakers https://t.co/S9CeabQ1dE

The 106th running of the race drew a huge crowd of people to the course, with 50,000 runners or walkers expected to participate and another 150,000 spectators expected, per KTVU.com.

As always, however, it was the cast of colorful characters and costumed runners and viewers that made the race something to behold. Filipa Ioannou of the San Francisco Chronicle documented a number of the most interesting outfits and costumes on the day:

Filipa Ioannou @obioannoukenobi

there are some dudes dressed as boxes of Franzia because how could there not be https://t.co/1FYowJUnVt

Filipa Ioannou @obioannoukenobi

Priscilla Duggan dressed her 20 month old son as Robin. "I didn't know you could bring kids," one passerby says https://t.co/WEMCsqnEd1

Filipa Ioannou @obioannoukenobi

this group of friends and sisters have been running the race as unicorns for years https://t.co/j4rm4i9RYu

Filipa Ioannou @obioannoukenobi

There's a kissing booth with dogs in it and people are so into it https://t.co/Km5n6oOHxv

Filipa Ioannou @obioannoukenobi

these lovely ladies are celebrating their love of sparkling wine with their costumes https://t.co/u97dfoqgOb

Obstacle Racing Media found a Mario Brothers-themed group: 

ObstacleRacingMedia @ObstacleMedia

Look at this awesome Mario Kart crew! #BaytoBreakers @Baytobreakers https://t.co/HAvQAXEUqK

Indeed, themed groups are a popular part of the day, as Catherine Ho of the San Francisco Chronicle shared: 

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Catherine Ho @Cat_Ho

All-women's racing team Impala as Rosie the Riveter to symbolize female empowerment in today's political climate, they say #BaytoBreakers https://t.co/Dq6zPZGC03

Even Diriba took part in the festivities, taking a moment to pose with a pink gorilla

Catherine Ho @Cat_Ho

#BaytoBreakers female winner Buze Diriba at the finish line https://t.co/7ZVkBOjERX

Few events are like Bay to Breakers. For instance, registered runners open the race by throwing tortillas in the air, per Ioannou, Ho and Evan Sernoffsky of the San Francisco Chronicle.

"It feels like San Francisco," runner Eric Anderson told the Chronicle. "Everyone is so happy. They're having fun. They're in a good mood. You can forget about everything else that's going on in the world for a few hours."

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