What Al Davis Must Do To Turnaround The Oakland Raiders

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IOctober 12, 2009

Firstly, Al Davis must ensure that his will clearly states, "Do not resuscitate."

Either that, or Davis needs to swallow his pride and finally pay and empower a coach to oversee the Oakland Raiders.

I know, I know.ย  Davis made the Raiders in his image from literally nothing, and the Raiders are now and always will be Davis' team, but I hope beyond hope that Davis realizes that what you build, you can destroy.

Right now, Davis is destroying the legacy of the Raiders that he built.ย  I do believe that Davis can mend the legacy of this team in a final act of humility by giving the keys to his kingdom to a worthy coach (*coughs* Bill Cowher *coughs*).

Either that, or someone other than Al will rebuild this team AD, and I don't mean Anno Domini.

Part of me wonders if Davis has been territorial about the Raiders, because he fears a coach that doesn't understand the importance of the Raiders to him, and will steal the glory of the franchise he built.

Tom Cable has had the heart for that, but not the skill to compete in the NFL.

Thus, until an act of God or Davis loses the God-complex, the Raiders will be shrouded under the cloud of Davis and his vain attempts to regain the glory of the days that are still crystal clear in his memory.


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