The Oakland Raiders are Now the Biggest Disgrace in Sports

S. Wentworth DuncansonContributor IIOctober 12, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 11:  JaMarcus Russell #2 of the Oakland Raiders is hit on a play during the game against the New York Giants on October 11, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

This article im writing will probably be the worst Ive written. Never in the all the years I've followed the NFL have I been so disgusted by a teams performance. I might have went Jim Mora style if you asked me about it..."Playoffs...playoffs...don't talk to me about playoffs."

Or should I say, as Herman Edwards would say, "you play to win the game?" Can't be worded any better and it's perfectly self-explanatory. Unfortunately, the Raiders missed it somewhere along the line. I felt compelled to say something about that embarrassing performance, and unfortunately, embarrassment is what is synonymous with the Raiders.

When I was on my way to watch the Giants-Raiders game with friends, I knew that the Giants were by far the superior team, and would come out victorious. I thought I'd see some sort of competition. Some sort of fight. Some sort of pride and dignity. I guess not. It's a miracle the Raiders scored seven points.

To think Eli Manning got to nurse an injury, throwing TWO touchdown passes on eight completions. The Raiders looked disorganized and disinterested. Young teams make mistakes, but they looked like a high school JV team. I watched JaMarcus Russell and his 39% completion percentage actually put forth a mediocre performance throwing the ball. Unfortunately he fumbled and bumbled like a rookie high school quarterback

To begin with, I thought the Knicks were in a class by themself. Apparently not. The disorganization and lack of passion and execution was disgusting. I saw missed tackle after missed tackle. I saw Ahmad Bradshaw run through their defensive line like he was on skates. I saw dropped passes, as well as passes thrown into the grass.

Ridiculous. The Giants looked like they were in practice. Like I said, I knew they would win with ease, but I thought there would be some sort of resistance.

It starts right at the top with the eccentric Al Davis, who I would equate to a low budget George Stienbrenner. The only difference is that he doesnt win. Fans will put up with any kind of foolishness if it produces wins. His act is tired. This organization destroys players careers. Some like Randy Moss are lucky enough to resurrect their careers.

Others, like Lamont Jordan, never recover. Oakland is not a bad place if you're looking to retire at the end of a contract. besides the one fluke year in 2002 with Rich Gannon and Bill Steroidowski, I mean Romanowski, the Raiders have made no positive progression.

Between terrible signings, and the musical chair like rotation of coaches, this organization is doomed. A meddling and fickle owner has demolished this organization. Wasted draft pick after wasted draft pick. The only thing that garners respect with the Raiders is their trademark black and silver uniforms.

You would figure that a head coach who punches his assistants in the face would be able to teach his team to tackle. To not look like blithering idiots. To not let a $100 million  quarterback off easy with a 10-pass night. Hell, Eli could've worn his warmup jacket on the field.

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland are in a close battle for the biggest mess in sports. The Knicks, as well as other teams, are a mess, but at least they are making moves in the right direction. The Raiders will be here ten years from now. They might hit it big one year, but in the long run, Al Davis is looking for short term success, the "quick fix." That never lasts. The proof is in the pudding.


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