Mike Sinlgetary Needs to Fire Greg Manusky at The End of the Season

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IOctober 11, 2009

It's amazing how a few wins can get you to a point where you forget about what one of the main problems was. Now that there's another embarrassing loss against one of the more talented teams in the league, it quickly comes back into the forefront.

Last year, I wrote an article on Greg Manusky calling him the worst Defensive Coordinator in the league and that designation still rings true today. I do not believe he'll ever be a good fit for the 49ers and he should have been fired at the end of last season.

Here's the link to my first article on Manusky "The San Francisco 49ers Home to the Worst Defensive Coorinator in Football."

Since that time nothing really has changed in terms of the 49ers defense. It has become a little bit more aggressive, but I attribute that to Mike Singletary's influence on the team and not Manusky's.

Now since Manusky has been coordinator for the 49ers let's take a look at what has happened against the talented teams in the NFL.

Today's game is an example: 35 points given up in one half, three rushing touchdowns for Michael Turner, and 185 yards receiving by Roddy White.

That's just one example though there's plenty more which I will get to. Manusky was hired by the 49ers has the Defensive Coordinator in 2007. My concern is with Manusky is that this type of effort, this type of defensive play-calling is going to happen in the playoffs and the 49ers are going to be embarrassed.

Let's look at the 2007 season defensively.

49ers allowed 364 points which was an average of just about 23 points per game. Now here's the points given up to teams with a record above .500: Steelers 37 points, Seahawks 23 and 24 points, Giants 33 points, Browns 20 points, Buccaneers 19 points.

Against the teams that were .500 or below the numbers were: Cardinals 17 and 31, Ravens 9, Saints 31, Falcons 20, Rams 13 and 16, and Panthers 31.

You get the reason why the 49ers were only 5-11. Their only win against an above .500 team were the Buccaneers.

Furthermore, there was only five times the 49ers allowed less than 300 yards of offense. Falcons, Vikings, Giants, Cardinals, and Rams. The sad part is the defense allowed 22 points per game when allowing under 300 yards.

That means those teams were very efficient in terms of making plays and scoring the football.

Looking at where the 49ers ranked on defense will help, as they gave up 5.1 yards per play, 24 touchdown passes and the defense only picked off 12, average yards per attempt was 6.3, 31 sacks, and the defense gave up 187 first downs through the air.

Their defense against the run the 49ers gave up 1896 yards rushing, which is 3.8 yards per carry, also gave up nine touchdowns, and 94 first downs on the ground.

In Manusky's defense the run was pretty well contained but the passing lanes were easy to pick apart because the 49ers defense didn't get pressure on the quarterback and that continues to happen for the 49ers now.

Looking at the 2008 defense, they actually gave up more points than the 2007 defense. In 2008 the 49ers allowed 24 points per game and gave up a total of 381 points.

Against the teams with a record above .500 the 49ers defense looked like this: Cardinals 23 and 29, Patriots 30, Eagles 40, Giants 29, Cowboys 35, Jets 14, and Dolphins 14.

When the 49ers faced teams at or below .500 the points looked like this: Seahawks 30 and 34, Lions 13, Saints 31, Rams 16 and 16, Redskins 24, and Bills 3.

The 49ers did have seven games where they gave up less than 300 yards on defense. Jets, Dolphins, Lions, Seahawks, Redskins, Giants, and Cardinals. Even with that the 49ers still managed to give up 22 points per game.

In terms of the defense as a whole the 49ers gave up 5216 yards for an average of 5.1 yards per play. For defense against the pass the 49ers gave up 3507 yards, 22 touchdowns and had 12 interceptions, 6.1 yards per attempt for the quarterback, had just 30 sacks, and teams achieved 170 first downs through the air.

Defensively against the run the 49ers gave up 1709 yards, 14 touchdowns, at 3.8 yards per attempt, and 108 first downs.

2009 so far the 49ers defense looked good against teams that had a combined record of 2-9. Defense did well against the Vikings but didn't make the plays they needed to get the 49ers a win.

In terms of team record against the teams the 49ers have lost to, it's at 6-1. There's a big difference between the two winning teams the 49ers have faced then the teams with the losing records.

Also, if you'll notice that in 16 games in 2007 the 49ers had 31 sacks and in 2008 they had 30 sacks. When a team averages less than two sacks per game that's really telling you that the quarterback has plenty of time to throw the football.

It's not a huge wonder why the corners of the 49ers get beat by wide receivers; the guys up front aren't creating any pressure on the quarterback. That's one of the biggest frustrations with Manusky, very rarely will the 49ers get after the quarterback and since it's the NFL if you give a quarterback all day to throw the defense is going to get shredded.

Right now the 49ers need to make a change defensively and that is to get rid of Manusky it probably won't be during the season, but it should definitely happen afterwards.


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