NFL Owners to Vote on 15 Potential Rule Changes, Including Overtime Length

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistMarch 23, 2017

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 01:  The NFL shield logo is seen following a press conference held by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (not pictured) at the George R. Brown Convention Center on February 1, 2017 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)
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NFL owners will vote on 15 possible rule changes during the NFL spring league meeting in Phoenix.

On Thursday, Ricky Henne of the Los Angeles Chargers' official website shared all 15 proposals.

Among the highlights was a proposal by the NFL Competition Committee that would make overtimes during the regular season and preseason just 10 minutes instead of 15.

Another proposal would change the challenge system, giving a team a third one if successful on either of the first two. What's more, reviewable plays would extend beyond just the final two minutes of the second and fourth quarters.

Here is a look at all 15 potential rule changes, per Henne:

Proposed ByProposal
PhiladelphiaMore protection for long snappers during kicking situations
PhiladelphiaCannot attempt to block a field goal or extra point using a "leaper"
PhiladelphiaThe "crown of the helmet" foul would also include the "hairline" part of the helmet
PhiladelphiaChallenge changes explained above
WashingtonNo longer a limit of three challenges per team, and no longer a requirement that a team wins its first two to earn the third
WashingtonTouchback is at the 20-yard line if the kick goes through the uprights
Buffalo and SeattleCoaches can challenge any play but ones ending in points or turnovers
Competition CommitteePermanent rule ejecting a player with two specific types of unsportsmanlike fouls
Competition CommitteeTouchback goes to the 25-yard line for one year only
Competition CommitteeOvertime rules explained above
Competition CommitteeReceivers running routes are protected as defenseless players
Competition CommitteeBackfield players in motion cannot execute crackback blocks
Competition CommitteeSideline replay monitors to be replaced by hand-held devices; also designates officials to make final decisions on reviews
Competition CommitteeCommitting multiple fouls on one play to influence the clock is an unsportsmanlike conduct
Competition CommitteeActions to conserve time following the two-minute warning would be illegal
Source: Chargers.com

The overtime rule stands out, and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk suggested it would result in more ties with the format in place where the opposing team gets an opportunity to respond if the first possession results in a field goal. Florio imagined a scenario where each team kicks a field goal and uses all or the majority of the 10 minutes.

Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay responded to that notion during a conference call, per Florio. "We don't think it will lead to more ties," McKay said. "Could it? It could. We're more concerned about player safety."

Outside of the rule change proposals, Barry Wilner of the Associated Press (h/t ABC News) noted the potential relocation from Oakland for the Raiders will also be discussed in Phoenix.


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