CT 101: Edwards Trade Shows Eric Mangini Not Acting in Best Interest of Browns

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IOctober 10, 2009

It is my belief that the New York Jets fired Eric Mangini more for the pick of Vernon Gholston in 2008 than for the failed experiment with Brett Favre.

As a rookie, Gholston was a disaster and the Jets missed the playoffs, when the Jets could have selected QB Joe Flacco.Β  Perhaps Gholston will eventually emerge, as Bryan Thomas has, but as of now, Gholston is in the "flop" category.

Fortunately for the Jets, they were able to trade up in the 2009 Draft with none other than Mangini's Browns and select QB Mark Sanchez, at a bargain rate.Β  Now the Browns have sent receiver Braylon Edwards to the Jets, as well.

Sounds to me that Mangini has been trying to *atone* for his sins with the Jets and ensure that when and if the Browns terminate Mangini once again, that Mangini will be able to find another home in the NFL, in some capacity, because Mangini has now shown himself as nothing more than a thug who will raid a lousy team in favor of the top teams.

One thing I have surmised about sports teams in Cleveland is that Cleveland is treated the way a Third World country is treated by capitalistic countries, in that, the top teams raid the Browns for the resources needed to be successful and strong.

Mangini gave the Jets a quarterback, and now Mangini has given them a receiver.

At the rate that the Browns are going, Mangini will likely be unemployed at the end of 2009, especially if names like Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan are available.Β 

But Mangini will get another chance, possibly as a defensive coordinator, because the rest of the NFL knows that he's willing to follow the interest of the NFL by raiding a bad team to support the creation of a top team.


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