Is Cool Brees Another Joe Cool? Will Saints Prove Media Elite Wrong?

Randy SavoieAnalyst IIOctober 10, 2009

21 Oct 1990:  Quarterback Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers watches game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California. The 49ers won the game 27 - 7. Mandatory Credit: Otto Greule Jr.  /Allsport

Super Bowl titles be damned. Drew Brees ranks among the best to play the game.

Trent Dilfer won a damned Super Bowl and he sure in the hell isn't headed for Canton unless he buys a plane ticket. Dilfer won a Super Bowl. Guess those football Gods have a sense of humor afterall. Ha ha ha!

Rev. Bob Harrington, the late Chaplain of Bourbon Street, after having one-too-many threw the Good Book further and more accurately than Dilfer threw a football. I'm telling ya'. Yuk, yuk. yuk!

It should come as no surprise that Joe Montana is the name that pops up most frequently at some of New Orleans' favorite bars and Houses of Ill Repute, they tell me,when talk turns toward who Drew Brees compares to most favorably among NFL legends.

Let me tell ya' Jack had Brees played for Walsh and the Niners during those days, he would have a few Super Bowl rings too. Yeah, Walsh would have loved Brees, Jack. I'm telling ya' he would have.

Enough football. You wanna lap dance or you want Rocky to throw your ass out in the middle of Bourbon Street sir?

In "The Score Takes Care of Itself," an excellent new book about San Francisco coach Bill Walsh, the late Walsh remembers fondly a determined Montana in the final year of his remarkable career.

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"Joe Montana, perhaps the greatest quarterback in NFL history, in his last season as a professional, when he was playing for Kansas City, would spend two hours a day every day at the same little practice field at Menlo College near San Francisco," remembers Walsh.

"I would work with him on basic fundamentals that would bore a high schooler to death. Joe had four Super Bowl rings. How did he get them? Why was on he on that little practice field? Joe understood what mastery means."

"You never stop learning, perfecting, refining-molding your skills. You never stop depending on the fundamentals - sustaining, maintaining, and improving. Jerry (Rice) and Joe, maybe the best ever at their positions, at the last stages of their careers were still working very hard on the fundamental things that most high school kids won't do because it's too damned dull."

"It wasn't dull to Jerry and Joe, because they understood the absolute and direct connection between intelligently directed hard work and achieving your potential. We all do; I do. Everybody who's a serious player knows what it takes. The difference is how much you're willing to give to give to get there."

Like Montana, Brees is slight of stature as quarterbacks go and neither one has ever been accused of having a rocket arm. However the combination of dedication, attention to detail and applied intelligence are unparalled. Montana had the necessary RPM to make all the throws and so does Brees.

That damned Brees. I can't beat him to Saints Drive in the morning. Ever man! Ever. I get there at 6:10 and he's been there at 6:00! Maybe I need to get a place closer to the office. Damn that Brees! ha ha ha ha.

Now it appears the Saints may be on the same page....that Gregg Williams and Darren Sharper are to the defense what Payton and Brees are to the league's best offense.

But they haven't played anybody Kenny. Two of their wins came against Detroit and Buffalo and they beat the Eagles without McNabb and the Jets with a rookie quarterback and blah, blah, blah.......

On ESPN's Mike and Mike Friday morning, the ex-jock and the little metrosexual argued over who is the NFC's best team- The Giants or Vikings. Never held a watch to it but they spent a lot more time talking about the recently disposed Jets than the Saints this week. Kind words about the Saints seemed almost obligatory rather than heartfelt.

Those Vikings are amazing big guy. All of the offseason questions I had about them have been answered. Yada. Yada. Yada.

And the Jets have Braylon Edwards now! Yada. Yada. Yada. Will make Sanchez even better.Yada.Yada.Yada. And those Giants about to be 5-0. Maybe an all New York Super Bowl.

And what about Cutler and the Bears? He makes them a legit Super Bowl contender,Greenie.

And the Saints, well the Saints, no doubt Brees is great but the Jets "D" made him look ordinary Greenie and, well, you have to wonder if their defense is for real and will the week off hurt their momentum and blah, blah, blah.

As Bill Walsh and the Niners were blazing new trails, they faced similar snubs from the eastern media elite who were loathe to admit that a power shift was occurring away form New Yawk to the wrong coast. This same media elite will never admit the Saints are the real deal even if Brees and company win the Super Bowl.

To the media's credit, many who picked the Saints to go all the way the past two years were burned, but those predictions pre-dated the arrival of Gregg Williams and the failure of the national press to acknowledge Williams' contribution to the Saints resurgence seems either intentional or uninformed.

Well, hell, time will tell.

We'll see how Eli and the Giants do against those 90,000 screaming fans in the Dome and the Saints new "D" Jack. Yeah we'll see how Archie's boy holds up against all that noise and Gregg Williams' NO-NAME "D."

Montana and Brees. Rice and Colston. Sharper and Lott.

Well, who the hell knows.


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