The Business of Football: Can the Jacksonville Jaguars' Ticket Sales Increase?

Tim HigginsCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 14:  Running back Maurice Jones-Drew #32 of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks for room to run while taking on the Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on September 14, 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

The emergence of the Jaguars offense, and defense for that matter, in the past two weeks has ushered in the question of how good this team is, and the question that everyone wants to know, are they a playoff caliber team? Or will they make the playoffs?

And here is were the speculation begins.  But lost in the feelings of reemergence as a solid, confident team, is the positive business acts that have occurred for the Jaguars in the recent weeks. 

Sure, the Jaguars' ticket sales may be down at an all-time low, causing people to fear re-location, and the loss of the team in Jacksonville.  But the point is, there are signs of change in the air.

I was visiting nfl.com, a site not often known for its Jaguar advertisements.  I was looking at Rookie of the Year tape interested in whether Derek Cox, the young rookie corner who leads all rookies in interceptions, was mentioned as a candidate.

Shockingly, as the preview for the rookie of the year program was being played before the actual segment, I saw another Jaguar at the podium.

It was not Maurice Jones-Drew, who seems to have made NFL Network his second home.

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It was a Jaguars rookie not drafted in the first or second round.  It was the rookie of the year trophy advertisement and Mike Thomas, the Jaguars third-round pick was the beginning and ending of the segment.

And then on the episode of Playbook, I heard the Mike Thomas name again, from Solomon Wilcox, who stated that he really liked the rookie Thomas.

Not to mention another Mike, Mike Sims-Walker, who seems to be on every fantasy sleeper/riser board on every single website.  His presence is undeniable on the field, and on these websites.

Oh and did we mention Marcedes Lewis and David Garrard rising up on fantasy web sites?

The bottom line is the Jacksonville Jaguars are gaining a state of publicity that they haven't had for years.  A team that is enjoyable fun and lively.  A team that doesn't win games 9-0 but 37-17.

The bottom line is that teams that win sell tickets.  In 2007, none of the Jaguars home games were blacked out. Why?  Because they won football games.

And this year, the Jaguars look to be regaining the winning tradition.  

This is what should fix the ticket problems in Jacksonville.  And it should happen with fire because two things will happen at once.

To stay as far away from politics as I can, the economy should begin to climb back in the positive direction, and as for the Jaguars, the most certainly will climb in the positive direction.

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