76ers Fans Celebrate Wins with 'Raise the Cat' Movement

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2017

If there's one process foreign to Philadelphia 76ers fans, it's celebrating victories. Unaccustomed to winning, they're showing team pride with a bizarre ritual.

The rebuilding franchise—which tallied a combined 47 wins over the previous three seasons—has now won eight of its last 10 games. Ecstatic supporters are commemorating each triumph with the #RaiseTheCat movement.

It's exactly what it sounds like.

While working toward his NBA debut, No. 1 pick Ben Simmons partook in the observance. Before doing so, he joined many confused onlookers in questioning the trend's origin:

It appears Simmons actually helped popularize #RaiseTheCat. The 76ers rookie didn't hoist a feline over his head, but he posed with a cat last week:

#RaiseTheCat founder Dennis Grove has conducted this ceremony all season, but it has turned into a phenomenon during Philadelphia's winning stretch.

The way Joel Embiid and Co. are playing, 76ers fans may keep getting ample opportunities to keep this craze going.

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