What's wrong with Romo! Well I'm going to tell ya!

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IOctober 7, 2009

What happened to the smile?...that childish grin we all use to love?!

I'll tell you what happened...

Somewhere over the past two seasons, Tony Romo stop being Tony Romo... The number 9 that use to make it happen...

Don't tell me he can't do it! His first year as a starter, with quality weapons around him, he broke just about every Cowboy passing record. He beat teams that he was suppose to beat & then he beat team teams he wasn't suppose to beat! And He did it with a smile!

What the hell happened?!!!

I'll tell you what happened! This offense didn't become "Romo Friendly"... It became "Loser Friendly"... "Wade 'I am pussy' Friendly"... "Jason I can't handle TO Friendly"!

Tony Romo stopped being Tony Romo! He stopped extending plays with his feet... He stopped moving out of the pocket to find his throwing lanes... Romo stopped being the playmaker that we all cherished!

I said it before & I will say it again... "Troy Aikman would never have lasted with our O-line & wouldn't have the past 4 years". Tony Romo at one time, made our O-line look great. He did that by his feet, by rolling out of the pocket or scrambling. He made our O-line pro bowl caliber because of such...

Romo is simply not a pocket passer... Sure when everything is perfect, Romo can get the job done...he can do a great Tom Brady...

But this Line isn't perfect...

Romo had it easy before! It was "Romo Friendly", he knew defenses had to respect the playmakers on the field. He knew where the coverage was rolled to!

This WR corps lacks serious speed to get open! Lacks a pure playmaker on the corners to keep defenses honest!

His only quality target gets doubled & tripled coverage in Witten! A freekin' TE out of all things!

This offense NEEDS the old Romo!

You can still make good decisions with the ball & still be a scrambling QB... Somewhere along the line, our shithead for an offensive coordinator said he must become a pocket passer. You don't become a pocket passer when it's detrimental! You do it when they think they are going to contain you! Not when they are bringing pressure up the freaking middle! Why the F would you do that?!

Our Offensive coordinator should be shot! Our head coach should as well, for letting it happen!

This isn't going to change this year, not with this shitty coaching staff... They couldn't out coach a high school JV football team! These coaches have done more damage than good!

I've given up on this coaching staff, late last year... I stand by it... Fire all of them! do it now!

But I'm not giving up on Romo... I have learned over the years, quality coaching can change anything & anybody... same can be said with terrible coaching, like we have now... You can ruin players, just as easliy as you can make them great!

with 1:16 left on the clock Sunday in Denver, shows me he still has that natural instinct for it...

We might win all of 6 games this season. I just hope the damage done to Romo isn't irreversible. That is going to take a real coach to resolve it! I hope, whoever he is, he comes next season...

Xxxyank is a Jabberhead & Cowboys Prider.

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