No Answers In Sight For Oakland Raiders Decline

Al's WingmanAnalyst IOctober 5, 2009

In just a short stretch, Tom Cable went from an NFL offensive line coach with a stellar reputation to being on the brink of another failed Raiders head coach.  He just might add a rap sheet to his resume as well.

Is the franchise cursed?  Probably, but it seems outlandish to blame the supernatural for all that has gone wrong since the Super Bowl XXXVII loss.

Fans are still left bewildered and demanding answers as well as a quick fix.  There is no more patience left to tap into.  That all went out the window after previous failed seasons and optimism leading up to each new season.  There's only such much frustration and disappointment fans can take.

There are no credible answers any longer.  We know Al Davis must take responsibility for all that has happened one way or the other.  But even that is not enough of an explanation.

Outdated defensive tactics?  That plays a part of it.  Though they are playing better defense this season than in years past and with better personnel.

A highly overpriced/overvalued JaMarcus Russell spinning his wheels getting the team nowhere?  Yeah, that's a big factor.  It is certainly worth a shot putting a different quarterback in there.  As long as it's not Marques Tuiasosopo, there is some hope.  At least Bruce Gradkowski can get some first downs and start scoring touchdowns hopefully.

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Injuries?  Always in the mix.

Questionable playcalling?  Sure, that has to be factored in but can't be isolated as "the" reason.

Stagnant progress in building a credible offensive line?  This seems to be the most glaring flaw on the field but hardly the only one.

So what is it that makes the Raiders the worst franchise in professional sports?

Given the bad performances as of late, it seems highly unlikely home games will sell out or even generate much enthusiasm in the stands.  I have to wonder if the team's slide is reversible at this point.