Patience Lost: Why JaMarcus Russell Needs a Reality Check by Getting Benched

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IOctober 4, 2009

Okay, so I have done my share of apologetics for JaMarcus Russell.

When I see a rookie quarterback like Matthew Stafford succeed in Detroit, DETROIT, I can no longer bare the apologetics.

All indications have been, that the Raiders do not fully believe in Russell yet, which could be affecting their will to play.

Russell couldn't the broad side of barn right now and needs a reality check.

To many Raider fans, and even outside critics, the Raiders appeared to have a chance to compete this season, but instead we're seeing the same old, same old.

Three and outs, field goals, more field goals, and allowed touchdowns by the defense.

These performances by Russell are what I feared would happen, though I wasn't going to openly predict it, because that type of thing can pollute the confidence of players.

I figured that Jeff Garcia had been signed in case of an emergency, but that Russell was still expected to be the future. Instead the Raiders cut Garcia, who signed with Philadelphia as insurance behind Michael Vick, and has since been cut again.

The only prudent thing for the Raiders to do is sign Garcia (other another option) and find-out if the root of their struggles is the erratic play of JaMarcus Russell.

Down the road, I still think Russell can be the future, but he's still learning, while the team could turn-around with a veteran quarterback. 

The fans believed that the Raiders had a chance to win this year, so for the Raiders to throw an inexperienced quarterback on the field, has led fans to lose patience.

Including me.  The games have been unwatchable.  I have preferred to read my Bible these past few Sundays, instead of bare this slop.

We know Al Davis well enough to know that he doesn't base decisions on outcries from the fans, but I do believe that if Al truly wants Russell to succeed that the Raiders need to bench Russell and sign Garcia (or other option) to allow Russell more time.

And a reality check.


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