Jalen Ramsey Tweets Photo of the Vienna Sausages, Hot Cheetos He Ate for Dinner

Katie Richcreek@BookstoreKatieFeatured ColumnistJuly 12, 2016
Jalen Ramsey @jalenramsey

Dinner was hitting tonight https://t.co/wrt8MoLhOx

Welcome to the humble, yet questionable, Sunday night dinner of Jalen Ramsey.

The Jacksonville Jaguars rookie defensive back tweeted a photo of his "home-cooked" meal featuring Powerade and Vienna sausages neatly positioned on a Styrofoam plate.

The dinner also included Flamin' Hot Cheetos, priced at $1.49, according to the photo, and Berry Blast Mike and Ike, priced at $2.25, according to the company website. Oh, and that sauce drizzled on the sausages that we can only assume came from Taco Bell? Probably free, from whatever meal he bought two-and-a-half weeks ago.

Eating like a starving college student after signing a $23.3 million contract in May? Priceless.

[Jalen Ramsey, h/t For The Win]