Mangini Looks Overmatched So Far

Leslie MonteiroSenior Analyst IOctober 2, 2009

DENVER - SEPTEMBER 20:  Head coach Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns leads his team against the Denver Broncos during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on September 20, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Browns 27-6.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Randy Lerner probably wonders what he was thinking when he hired Eric Mangini as the Browns coach without interviewing several other candidates.

With the way this season is spiraling out of control, who can blame him?

Nothing has gone right for the Browns under Mangini's leadership so far. The Browns not only are winless, but teams have outscored the Browns 95-43 in three games.

The team looks unprepared and outcoached.

The Browns are devoid of talent, but it says something about the first-year head coach when his team quits early in the season while said coach tries to instill a winning culture.

It's amazing why Mangini was hired days after being fired by the Jets.

Lerner talked about wanting an experienced coach to lead his team, but he should have done his due diligence and found out why Mangini was fired before making the decision to hire him.

The former Jets coach assembled a good record in his three years there, but there was controversy about him as a head coach that cost him his job.

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The Jets players quit on him in December. Sure Brett Favre stunk, but it's not like the team played for the head coach's job down the stretch either.

Mangini often looked lost on the sidelines when teams scored on his team. Plus, he usually failed to make any adjustments in the second halves of games.

When writers asked him questions pertaining to what went wrong in a game, he danced around them. It was plain to see he had no clue what he was doing.

The Jets clearly don't miss their former head coach. They are 3-0, and they feel liberated from Mangini's iron-first approach.

Mangini likes to act like a tough guy by handing out fines to players and playing mind games with his players. He's a Bill Belichick wannabe.

That's all well and good, but he doesn't have the cache whatsoever.

So far, Mangini messed up in lot of areas as Browns coach.

He decided to take away the murals of former Browns greats. Only he knows why he wanted to do that.

Then, he forced rookies and training camp invitees to go on a bus ride to help participate in his youth camp when they shouldn't have to.

Finally, he screwed up the quarterback position. He needed to be decisive right away by naming either Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson when training camp started.

Quarterbacks need time to work with the offensive line, receivers and the running backs. That's what training camp is for.

It's no coincidence the Browns look lost on offense early on based on what Mangini did.

Now, Mangini panics by changing quarterbacks.

What did he expect out of Quinn?

Anderson is not the answer. He did not have a good season last year, and odds are what he did two years ago was a fluke.

If Anderson was good, how come teams never sought his services when they had quarterback issues?

Quinn will not develop if he's going to be treated like a yo-yo by an anal coach.

Odds are Quinn needs a trade if he wants to be a successful quarterback.

A coach can do nothing but lose his team by acting the way Mangini has.

The way things are going for him, he probably did.

The rest of this season should be interesting. If the Browns muster two wins, Mangini should fret about losing his job.

Lerner may have no choice to fire him. How could things get better if Mangini loses his whole team?

Based on what we've seen so far, the hiring was a mistake.

Mangini was better off taking time off to reflect on his mistakes from his tenure with the Jets and latching on with a proven head coach to from.

Instead, Mangini may have gotten worse as head coach by being hired so soon.

Mangini needs to hope Lerner does not give up on him after one year.