Seth Rollins' Best Booking Options for WWE Battleground 2016

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJune 26, 2016

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollinscredit: wwe.com

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose is all the talk of WWE fans right now.

That talk, however, is not really centered on the actual match itself, but more on Reigns' current suspension. Fans are debating the right and wrong of Roman's continued booking at Battleground on July 24, as many feel he should not be used in the match that night.

But WWE must press forward here, and that means focusing on the two men who are still working to entertain in this storyline. This storyline is especially important for Rollins, who deserves a well-laid plan heading into Battleground.

This is not just about the former champ chasing the title; this is about booking the former champ in the best way possible. Rollins has earned that much, if only because of the admirable job he did during his first title run. 

Rollins was the heel fans loved to hate. Despite how much he cheated, and no matter how much he lied, the WWE faithful still respected Rollins for his work. It was obvious he was enjoying himself and having fun; fans played along and had fun with him.

But things must change this time.

This is the first bit of smart booking WWE Creative must do with Rollins: his attitude. This should not be the same kooky Rollins Rollins fans fell in love with. The first time around, Rollins' character consisted of one part Edge as a babyface and one part Christian as a heel.

Rollins' tone must be much more serious now. 

He's an intense character bent on revenge, and his attitude must reflect that. He was robbed of the championship he never lost in the first place; that fact alone should be enough to erase the wacky, lovable Rollins from fans' memories.

His attitude is especially important now, considering the wacky and lovable Dean Ambrose is WWE world champion. There should be a contrast in personalities here, and this feud only has room for one headcase at a time.

If Rollins is focused and more intense than ever before, fans will likely buy in. If he takes it seriously, so will they. Of course, his attitude won't make a difference if he does not perform in the weeks leading up to Battleground.

Rollins needs to win, and he needs to win often. Whether he's on Raw or SmackDown, Rollins needs to face skilled opponents who will test him and push him to his limits. This mini run should not be comprised of easy wins or squash matches; it should instead be primed with very competitive contests.

Rollins is at his best in that environment, and fans need to be reminded of just how good he is.

That does not mean he shouldn't cheat, however. Rollins was the top heel in WWE before his injury, and he can get there again. But fans must witness his devious nature firsthand; they must see that between the two men, Rollins is the least deserving to be champion because he is inherently bad.

It's the best way to not only get Dean over, but to also get Rollins over.

The drama lies with the history between them, and that history includes Rollins' betrayal of Ambrose when The Shield fell. Ambrose is the hero who's finally found his way, and Rollins is the traitor who ended the most dominant faction in WWE history. Rollins is the villain of this piece, and that can never be forgotten.

All this work is obviously leading to July 24, and it's on that night when Rollins will lose in his bid to become WWE world champion again. Some fans may not be too happy with that outcome; again, Rollins is very respected. But the truth is, WWE needs some stability at the top.

That stability may no longer be with Roman Reigns. 

But it's not about winning or losing here, it's about the ride. Rollins has the chance to refocus, and WWE has the chance to recreate its top heel with more hate than he's ever received to this point. This storyline, if handled correctly, has the potential to get over in a big way.

It all starts with the booking, and whether or not WWE will nail that is anyone's guess.

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