For Steelers, It's Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

David MatuszakContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

CINCINNATI - SEPTEMBER 27:  A Pittsburgh Steelers fan is pictured during the NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

As I sit alone in my room, setting about writing this article, I realize that at the conclusion, a few things are going to happen.

1. I know, as a Steelers supporter, that we fans are a unique breed. We do not accept posers, and saying something bad about our black and gold could be good reason to find trash in your front yard or a brick flying through your front window.

Once this article is finished, many fans will either completely agree with me or wish to ship me in an express package to Cleveland, but they will simply have to get over it.

2. I know that many people, Steeler fans or not, will disagree with my rulings and accuse me of jumping the gun and being a pessimist, but as I said before they will simply have to get over it.

That being said, I will get to the point. With the Steeler defense experiencing some problems, and Troy Polamalu being out for another few weeks, the offense should be stepping up a little bit.

As has been seen over the past couple weeks, however, they are a team which could thus so easily be 3-0, but are 1-2. The following are a few steps that could be made, very realistically, to help the current predicament:

1. Fire Bruce Arians

Before you come after me I would like to explain myself and my reason for this. First off, I am not one of those people who calls for the coach's head at the first sign of trouble. I believe that a coach can only do so much and that once Sunday comes around, it is mostly on the part of the players to make sure a team comes up with the win.

Arians' problem is that he is doing very little. He is taking the easy way out and letting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger take responsibility for most of the play calling. Granted, most quarterbacks in today's NFL do have the right to switch something around if they feel it necessary, but Arians is taking this too far.

He is letting Roethlisberger have a little too much input and to a certain extent adding offensive coordinator to Roethlisberger's job title. Get rid of him and find someone who will take the offense and run it how it should be run and let the quarterback run the plays and not call them.

2. Willie, Willie, Willie

Why do good teams spend large amounts of money? It is simply so they can keep a talented player around. Everybody knows that Willie Parker is fast, and often dangerously so, when he gets into the open.

I am taking nothing away from his talent except that he simply is not the solution to the struggling Steeler running game. This is for one reason: that he is very indecisive. He bounces, and bounces, and bounces, always looking for a hole. Well, of course that looks fantastic on the occasion where he finds one, but otherwise it looks ridiculous.

I would love to see a play on paper that has the running back bouncing in and out of three different gaps before either turning it up field or getting hit by the defense. The second reason is that he is always out for some reason or another.

3. Back Up Ben

Charlie Batch is a fan favorite because of the awesome things he does for people off the field, and even on the field he has proved that he can be reliable if Roethlisberger has to leave the game.

But we have to be honest with ourselves. Charlie is getting old, and unlike Brett Favre won't come out of retirement three or four times. Charlie Batch is a solid second string quarterback, but Pittsburghers are always looking for another Super Bowl, and honestly if Roethlisberger goes down with a season ending injury I do not think he could carry the team that far. Who's left?

Dennis Dixon. Granted, Dixon looked fabulous in college, but has not started enough games in the NFL to be able to carry a team to the Super Bowl and win it. So, please, we need a reliable back-up for Ben Roethlisberger, soon.

Those are the things that stick out as drastic problems for the Steeler offense. Once Polamalu makes his return the defense will return to normal and maybe, just maybe, we can forget about the above issues for a little while.


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