Formula One: Teammate Comparisons After Singapore (Round Fourteen)

Mike CassCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

SINGAPORE - SEPTEMBER 27:  Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes celebrates in parc ferme after winning the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit on September 27, 2009 in Singapore.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Continuing my regular article where I compare Formula One teammates against each other.

I will compare qualifying performance and judge them after the weight of the cars has been announced.

How qualifying results are displayed:

Position Qualified/Driver Name/Qualifying Time/Weight

I will then give my opinion of who had the better race, which is not necessarily the driver with the best result.

How race results are displayed:

Position Finished/Driver Name/Total Race Time/Fastest Lap

Drivers will be awarded one point for qualifying and one point for the race, come the end of the season we will see who did the better job.

Feel free to challenge my opinion.

Brawn GP

Qualifying: Barrichello +1

Button seemed to be feeling the pressure in Q2 as he was making mistakes all over the place and ended up flat spotting a tyre, so he failed to make the grade for Q3.

Barrichello had a lucky escape in qualifying despite hitting the wall, had the session not been red-flagged after his collision, then he would likely have ended up 8th or 9th.

So after his 5 place penalty for the gearbox change he would have been looking at 14th, and started behind title rival and team mate Button.

As it was he didn't, but he'll start 9th on the grid after Heidfeld's issues.

P5. Barrichello 1:48.828 655.5kg

P12. Button 1:47.141 683kg

Race: Button +1

It could have been a very different race for Barrichello had the red flag not saved him yesterday, he probably wouldn't have made the points.

As it was though he drove a pretty good race, gaining two places off the start, but it was his stall in the pit stop that scuppered his chances of beating Button.

Button was unlucky that the safety car came out after he had pitted, otherwise he would have been looking at a podium finish after his strategy played out.

However he got stuck behind Kovalainen, but once the Finn pitted Button was able to show his pace as he banged in three personal best lap times.

Those crucial three laps allowed him to leap Barrichello and had he not had brake issues at the end it might have been fourth, however he does still extend his lead in the world championship.

P5 Button 1:56:36.352 Fastest Lap: 1:48.369

P6 Barrichello 1:56:38.195 Fastest Lap: 1:48.598

Season: Jenson Button 17—11 Rubens Barrichello


Qualifying: Hamilton +1

Hamilton easily takes this as he claimed pole with decent fuel, ok the flag stopped the Red Bulls and Rosberg having a second go at it, but fuel corrected it still would have been Hamilton.

Kovalainen was no where near Hamilton's time, and hasn't looked on the pace of his team mate all weekend.

P1. Hamilton 1:47.891 660.5kg

P10. Kovalainen 1:49.778 664.5kg

Race: Hamilton +1

Kovalainen drove another one of those anonymous races to seventh, only making an impact by holding up Button.

Hamilton meanwhile was delivering a faultless performance at the front, he might have been challenged by Rosberg and Vettel had they not made their mistakes, but that's their problem.

P1 Hamilton 1:56:06.337 Fastest Lap: 1:48.345

P7 Kovalainen 1:56:42.494 Fastest Lap: 1:49.283

Season: Lewis Hamilton 19—9 Hekki Kovalainen


Qualifying: Raikkonen +1

It was looking pretty woeful for Fisichella not getting out of Q3, but Raikkonen didn't get much further up the grid by making Q2.

P13. Raikkonen 1:47.177 680.5kg

P18. Fisichella 1:48.350 678.5kg

Race: Raikkonen +1

A Ferrari free race for once, both failed to score points and make any significant impact on the race.

However it was Raikkonen's pace at the end, on a set of supersoft tires that swung him the point.

P10 Raikkonen 1:57:05.229 Fastest Lap: 1:48.391

P13 Fisichella 1:57:26.227 Fastest Lap: 1:49.417

Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 0—4 Kimi Raikkonen

(Season: Luca Badoer 0—4 Kimi Raikkonen)

(Season: Felipe Massa 10—10 Kimi Raikkonen)

Red Bull

Qualifying: Vettel +1

Webber obviously needed that extra set-up time that he missed after his crash in practice, as he wasn't quite on the pace of Vettel.

Vettel was on for pole had Barrichello's collision with the wall not brought out the red flag, but second is not a bad showing considering this was supposed to be an unsuited circuit for the Red Bull.

P2. Vettel 1:48.204 651kg

P4. Webber 1:48.722 654.5kg

Race: Vettel +1

Webber crashed out of the race and the title fight, but at least it wasn't on the opening lap this time.

It was pretty apparent he was going to have a brake failure from all the black dust pouring out every time he braked, so it was crazy for that mechanic to give the thumbs up at the pit stop.

Vettel had a poor start to the race again, but this time he can't blame 'that button' as Rosberg doesn't have one to push.

However Rosberg made a mistake coming out of the pits that Vettel could have ultimately capitalised on, but he then went and made his own mistake of speeding in the pits!

Vettel was lucky at the end that Button had brake issues and couldn't challenge him for fourth, as Vettel wouldn't have been able to hold him off with all of his own issues going on.

Not only was Vettel missing a wing mirror, having brake issues, but he had also damaged his diffuser/floor running wide.

So a scruffy nights work for Vettel, but he hanged on in there for fourth and a mathematical chance at the title.

P4 Vettel 1:56:26.598 Fastest Lap: 1:48.398

P17 Webber +16 Laps-DNF: Crash, Brakes- Fastest Lap: 1:49.319

Season: Sebastian Vettel 18—10 Mark Webber


Qualifying: Glock +1

It was Glock's turn out of the two Toyota's to put in the performance during qualifying, while Trulli looked like he wanted to be tucked up in bed.

P7. Glock 1:49.180 660.5kg

P15. Trulli 1:47.413 690.9kg

Race: Glock +1

Glock's drive to second was impressive in it's own right as he made a fantastic pass on Alonso at turn eight on lap one, but when you consider that Trulli was coming home in twelfth driving the same machinery it puts it into context.

Yes Glock was the big winner from Rosberg's and Vettel's penalty's, but he was doing consistently quick lap times, whilst Trulli once again didn't look all that bothered.

P2 Glock 1:56:18.971 Fastest Lap: 1:48.396

P12 Trulli 1:57:19.346 Fastest Lap: 1:48.816

Season: Jarno Trulli 15—13 Timo Glock


Qualifying: Alonso +1

Grosjean went out in Q3 with brake issues, he looked like a very relieved man to be out though! Alonso went all the way to Q1, and showed some good pace to qualify sixth.

P6. Alonso 1:49.054 658kg

P19. Grosjean 1:48.544 683kg

Race: Alonso +1

Grosjean's afternoon was over after three laps, with lingering brake issues from qualifying.

Alonso lost out at the start after running over the kerbs at turn seven, this allowed Glock to sneak through.

However Alonso had good pace throughout the race, and even set the fastest lap of the race on his way to third place.

P3 Alonso 1:56:22.961 Fastest Lap: 1:48.240

P20 Grosjean +58 Laps-Retired: Brakes- Fastest Lap: 1:57.192

Season: Fernando Alonso 7—1 Romain Grosjean.

(Season: Fernando Alonso 15—5 Nelson Piquet Jr.)


Qualifying: Rosberg +1

Rosbergs blistering lap in Q2 was enough to earn him the point alone, but then he went and took third in Q3, while Nakajima once again failed to make the last part of qualifying.

P3. Rosberg 1:48.348 657.5kg

P11. Nakajima 1:47.013 680.7kg

Race: Rosberg +1

Nakajima had one of those anonymous drives to ninth, but he didn't make any mistakes.

Rosberg had a great start passing Vettel before turn one, but he then went and wrecked his own race by crossing the white line coming out of the pits.

That earned him a drive through penalty and then with the safety car coming out, it ended any hope of a recovery drive to some points.

Rosberg put in enough of a performance before his mistake to take the point.

P9 Nakajima 1:57:02.391 Fastest Lap: 1:49.371

P11 Rosberg 1:57:06.114 Fastest Lap: 1:48.352

Season: Nico Rosberg 25—3 Kazuki Nakajima


Qualifying: Kubica +1

BMW continue to develop their car despite not being on the grid next year, bet they wish they had done this last year!

They should have spent a little more time checking Heidfelds ballast though, as after qualifying eighth it turned out he was under weight. He will now start from the pit lane after taking the opportunity to change the gear box and engine.

Kubica was right on the pace of his under weighted team mate, take a look at those times and fuel weights below!

P8. Heidfeld 1:49.307 650kg

P9. Kubica 1:49.514 664kg

Race: Kubica +1

Heidfeld was cruelly taken out by Sutil trying to recover from a spin, nothing the German could have done really. Such a shame to have his 41 consecutive race finishes ended in that fashion, the last time he didn't see the chequered flag was Indianapolis 2007.

After finishing eighth Kubica said, “This was the most difficult point I have scored in my whole life." I'll have to take his word for it, as I don't recall seeing him out there...

P8 Kubica 1:57:01.391 Fastest Lap: 1:48.847

P19 Heidfeld +42 Laps-DNF: Accident- Fastest Lap: 1:51.346

Season: Robert Kubica 16—12 Nick Heidfeld

Force India

Qualifying: Sutil +1

Sutil takes this on position.

P16. Sutil 1:48.231 693kg

P20. Liuzzi 1:48.792 656kg

Race: Liuzzi +1

Sutil made a dire attempt to overtake Alguersuari that ended with him in a spin. Stupidly Sutil then left his foot down to spin himself back round, but was far too impatient and ended up collected the BMW of Heidfeld.

Liuzzi spent the whole race stuck behind the KERS power of Fisichella's Ferrari, but it was still a solid drive to the chequered flag.

P14 Liuzzi 1:57:39.839 Fastest Lap: 1:49.852

P18 Sutil +38 Laps-Retired: Accident Damage- Fastest Lap: 1:52.623

Season: Vitantonio Liuzzi 3—1 Adrian Sutil

(Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 13—11 Adrian Sutil)

Toro Rosso

Qualifying: Buemi +1

Buemi made Q2, whilst Alguersuari didn't make it out of Q1.

P14. Buemi 1:47.369 678kg

P17. Alguersuari 1:48.340 683.5kg

Race: Alguersuari +1

A race to forget for both Toro Rosso drivers and the team. Alguersuari had no pace and Buemi was taking out his pit crew, before both had to retire on the same lap with mechanical issues.

Alguersuari can have the point for not taking out any of his pit crew.

P15 Alguersuari +14 Laps-Retired: Brakes- Fastest Lap: 1:52.483

P16 Buemi +14 Laps-Retired: Gearbox- Fastest Lap: 1:50.636

Season: Sebastian Buemi 7—3 Jamie Alguersuari

(Season: Sebastian Buemi 13—5 Sebastian Bourdais)


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