'Will Grigg's on Fire' Creator Rewarded with Free Wigan Athletic Season Ticket

Tom Webb@@tomwebby92UK Staff WriterMay 17, 2016

WIGAN, ENGLAND - APRIL 23:  Will Grigg of Wigan Athletic (C) shoots to score during the Sky Bet League One match between Wigan Athletic and Southend United at DW Stadium on April 23, 2016 in Wigan, England.  (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images)
Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

The internet has been taken by storm in recent weeks by an infectious chant, sung by Wigan Athletic fans for their hotshot striker Will Grigg.

The 24-year-old scored 25 goals as the Latics secured promotion to the Championship by winning League One, leading dedicated supporter Sean Kennedy to create an instantly memorable chant to the tune of Gala's Freed from Desire.

Here's how it started:

This is brilliant! 🎤😂

"Will Grigg's on fire, your defence is terrified..." #WAFC pic.twitter.com/liAhVTo2Sv

— Oddschanger (@Oddschanger) April 10, 2016

Before long, all the fans were singing it:

Wigan fans in Blackpool yesterday. #wafc pic.twitter.com/SesOPUXNjI

— Football Away Days (@AwayDays_) May 1, 2016

Next, it was the turn of the players to get involved:

WIGAN pic.twitter.com/ClOJNkFK1f

— Max Power (@power_m4) April 30, 2016

How good is this though. You just gotta love Wigan. WILL GRIGG'S ON FIRE #wafc pic.twitter.com/4KQdzunKRn

— JN (@JNorman_FFC) May 9, 2016

Even opposition teams were getting involved:

Even the Barnsley players know pic.twitter.com/XepU7a5ql6

— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 14, 2016

The chant has since got its own Twitter feed, with some brilliant parodies coming through:

Will Grigg's on Fire! pic.twitter.com/wHIQd0Gks7

— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 14, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 14, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 14, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 14, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 14, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 14, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 14, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 15, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 15, 2016


— Will Griggs on fire! (@WillGriggFire) May 16, 2016

Kennedy has since been rewarded for his ingenuity with a free Wigan season ticket for the 2016/17 Championship season, as confirmed by club chairman David Sharpe.

For inventing the best chant ever known to man, you've earned yourself a free season ticket for next season @KennoUTJ. Will Griggs on fire 🔥

— David Sharpe (@DavidSharpe91) May 16, 2016

And rightly so!