Tom Cable Interviewed By Napa Police

Al's WingmanAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2009

Napa Police Investigator:  “Can you tell us what happened between you and Randy Hanson?”

Tom Cable:  “Well—“

John Herrera:  “Randy slipped and fell into a cabinet.”

Napa Police Investigator: “Sir, let Mr. Cable speak.”

Tom Cable:  “I—“

John Herrera:  "This interview is over."

Napa Police Investigator:  “Sir, this is a police investigation.  You'll need to wait outside while we speak to Mr. Cable.”

John Herrera:  "According to NFL rules, all players and coaches of the Oakland Raiders can be accompanied by a team spokesman."

Napa Police Investigator:  "Ok, well this overrides that.  It's a civil justice and legal matter."

John Herrera takes legal papers out of his pocket and hands them to the investigator.

Napa Police Investigator:  "I've never seen anything like this.  Al Davis Football, Inc. says it has legal authority in all matters concerning the team, including the jaw of a defensive assistant and the fist of the head coach and all furniture in the room, including chairs and cabinets. Hmmmm..."

John Herrera:  “You lose, pal.  Like I said, Hanson fell and got hurt.  Capiche?  Or do I need to get our legal department involved?”

(John’s cell phone rings)

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Herrera picks it up and says to Napa Police investigator:  "It's for you."

Napa Police Investigator:  "...Yes, Mr. Davis. I understand.  No problem.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  No—no, there's no problem.  Right.  Ok, well, good luck to you too.  I hope you guys turn it around this season.  JaMarcus couldn't be that bad, could he? Yea... alright, take care."

Napa Police Investigator:  “Mr. Cable, there's been a misunderstanding, you can go."