Time To Unleash Gradowski?

Tony CarbonareCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

It seems that the Raider nation has spoken. By the countless boos and endless comments on blogs and other Raider articles. It's time for a quarterback change in Oakland.

Time and time again Jamarcuss Russell has been given the benefit of the doubt. He's still learning or he needs more time to get comfortable with the offense. I'm not buying it and clearly either are the great fans of the Oakland Raiders.

After almost every play on Sunday, you could hear the loud boos directed at JaMarcus. He is playing some of the worst football I have seen since Ryan Leaf. he has a league low 41.3 completion percentage, he has only scored one touchdown, and hast even broken 400 yards yet. He has four interceptions, and a passer rating of 39.8!

If that's not a sign that its time for him to keep the bench warm and bring in Bruce Gradowski, then someone needs to scream louder so Al can hear it through his hearing aide.

Gradowski is a much smaller but more exciting player who wants to be a leader and puts in the time and effort it takes to be an NFL quarterback. JaMarcus is oblivious to any of that. When the fans were booing, you could see JaMarcus smirking on the sideline like he could care less. He makes the same mistakes over and over and instead of learning from them, he gets worse.

It's quite tiresome to keep hearing the coach say that the effort was there. Or that we know what we have to do and i feel like we're almost there. Baloney! Stop making excuses and admit your quarterback is a bust and eat your losses and move on. It's only week four and you are 1-2. You can make the change now and maybe salvage your season. If you leave Russell in you're flushing your season down the toilet.

The Raider fans don't deserve this. The rest of the team is progressing well but have their bust of a QB holding them back. I blame the horrible defensive play on JaMarcus as well. Why is a defense going to keep going out and making plays if their QB just gives it right back to the opposing team? They're out there getting tired and winded but cant stay off the field long because Russell cant move the ball.

Let's get smart and put in the better player. Bruce Gradowski i believe will be the far better choice. Jamarcuss just doesn't have the credentials to be an NFL caliber quarterback and simply just doesn't seem to care as long as he has his designer duds and bling bling.


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