10 Best Athlete Man Caves

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10 Best Athlete Man Caves

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    Floyd Mayweather wins everything, including having the best mancave
    Floyd Mayweather wins everything, including having the best mancaveCliff Owen/Associated Press

    Everybody reading this sentence has his or her own version of what could be called a "man cave." 

    A man cave may be a traditional space such as a basement that is filled with multiple televisions, a pool table, video games and other fun items that help make for an ideal entertainment room. For others, however, a man cave can be something simple such as a garage or a separate part of a house, or of an apartment where one can put some headphones on and simply escape from the world for a period of time. 

    It should come as little surprise that professional athletes who have made millions of dollars throughout their careers possess man caves that are nicer than many of our homes. Such an impressive man cave allows a celebrity to enjoy his lifestyle comfortably without having to worry about any problems that may arise from leaving his home. 

    Those who follow Floyd "Money" Mayweather on websites such as Twitter and Instagram know Mayweather has not been shy about flaunting his many toys via the Internet. Mayweather has also been kind enough to give the public multiple inside looks at what could be one of the best man caves money can buy.

    The property owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr., arguably the most famous NASCAR driver of his time, could be considered to be one massive man cave. Professional golfer Padraig Harrington has had his man cave featured on multiple TV programs, while fellow PGA player Jordan Spieth could soon outdo what Harrington has created for himself. 

    Why are we so interested in seeing man caves of famous athletes? Part of it is we want to know how the "other half" lives, and seeing those man caves lets us dream of what we could one day create if we were financially able to afford a kingly fortress. Regardless of the man cave you are able to make for yourself, just know you will eventually be outdone by Mr. Mayweather. 

    After all, Floyd always wins. 

Sylvester Williams

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    It is good to be a member of the Denver Broncos these days. Denver has routinely been a playoff team over the past several years. The Broncos lost Super Bowl XLVIII in humiliating fashion to the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, but Denver made it to the mountaintop this past February by defeating the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50. 

    It is, thus, no wonder multiple Denver players have some of the best man caves you'll see. 

    FOX Sports gave viewers an inside look this past November of the man cave owned by Denver nose tackle Sylvester Williams. Williams was hosting Thanksgiving Day dinner at the time the video was shot, and fans quickly saw why Williams wouldn't want to go to a relative's place to spend the holiday. 

    The first thing we can see behind Williams is multiple video screens and an aquarium. Williams then explained his man cave had its own bar and its own bartender. Those not interested in checking out sports on one of the screens can enjoy playing one of the several arcade games owned by Williams, or they can enjoy a nice, relaxing game of billiards.

    Alex Marvez of FOX Sports detailed Williams' story leading up to Super Bowl 50. It is a fascinating tale about a man who went from working at places such as Taco Bell and Wal-Mart to playing in pro football's biggest game. 

Jimmie Johnson

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    Jimmie Johnson is one of the most successful NASCAR drivers in history. No athlete in stock car racing was more dominant than Johnson was last decade, as he won the title every year from 2006 through 2010. 

    Needless to say, Johnson's successes and his other business endeavors have allowed him to create quite the awesome man cave. 

    Johnson was featured in an interview by entertainment company Young Hollywood in March 2014 (h/t NASCAR.com). It was during that discussion when Johnson spoke about the many different toys he has in his man cave. 

    Johnson said his man cave was 13,000 square feet in size, and it was hidden away in an "industrial area" of North Carolina. Included in the man cave is a bar, poker table, golf simulator and a driving simulator. 

    Looking to do some actual driving in Johnson's man cave? He's got you covered. Johnson has motorized bar stools and recliners in his man cave. 

    Johnson told Hunter Atkins of Men's Journal the bar in his man cave was salvaged from "an old hotel in Pennsylvania." In that interview, Johnson also talked about the pool tables and dartboards that are located in his man cave. Johnson, as should any famous driver, also owns different types of vehicles for those who want to get out of the cave and enjoy the outdoors. 

Magic Johnson

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    Casual fans who do not pay much attention to the business part of sports may not realize Magic Johnson has been as successful off of the court as he was during his National Basketball Association career.

    Johnson, per Forbes, made more than $100 million off of sales of Starbucks franchises and of his stock in the Los Angeles Lakers. Among his other business endeavors, Johnson has ownership stocks in the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Sparks and to-be Major League Soccer franchise Los Angeles Football Club. 

    One way Johnson chose to enjoy his riches was to create a spectacular man cave, one he showed to none other than Oprah a few years ago. 

    Included in Johnson's man cave is his own trophy wall, because somebody who achieved all that Johnson accomplished during his legendary career needs more than just your standard case. A room with a hardwood court is used to display the championship rings and trophies Johnson won as a pro.

    Of course the "Lakers" logo is painted at midcourt. 

    Johnson's special sanctuary may resemble more of a museum than what you would expect to see in a man cave. That is fitting for one of the greatest players in NBA history. 

Jordan Spieth

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    Jordan Spieth may be the next face of the PGA. He won the Masters and the U.S. Open in 2015, and he reportedly made $53 million last year (h/t SJ-R.com). At just 22 years old, the best could be to come from one of the bright, young players in the sport today. 

    Spieth, per SportsDay.DallasNews.com, was already the owner of a home worth more than $2 million when he purchased a property that reportedly cost him $7.1 million. That transaction was made public this past January. 

    The home bought by Spieth had belonged to golfer Hunter Mahan and his wife Kandi. Mahan is a public figure because he is a professional athlete, and also because he had one of the best man caves you will find. Emmett Knowlton of Business Insider gave readers a look at Mahan's man cave back in 2014.

    Inside of the home is a study that features cabinets for golf bags and trophies. We envision Spieth will not have any problems quickly filling those empty spaces. 

    The area of the home that would traditionally be considered to be the man cave has a golf simulator, a must for a pro golfer who wants to remain in-form while not on the course. There is space for a pool table or for table tennis, and a gym equipped with weights, cardio equipment and a heavy bag. Last but certainly not least is the indoor basketball court located underneath a 12-car garage. 

    We hope Spieth will show us what he chose to do with the man cave later on this year. 

Kyle Rudolph

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    It was back in the summer of 2014 when the Minnesota Vikings awarded tight end Kyle Rudolph with a five-year contract extension (h/t Spotrac.com). That contract included a signing bonus of $6.5 million, and Rudolph was guaranteed $18.5 million. The deal could earn Rudolph more than $36 million when all is said and done. 

    Thanks to that extension from the Vikings, Rudolph was able to purchase a home in the Minneapolis area. Stephen Nelson of Bleacher Report Studios provided fans with an inside look at Rudolph's new home in September 2015.

    The section of the home that serves as Rudolph's man cave is decorated with the jerseys of other NFL players. Rudolph included a pool table even though he admitted he is not the strongest of players. 

    As you would see in many man caves, Rudolph has his own theater that features a large screen and padded recliners. Those recliners help make the experience that much better, though, because they are connected to the theater audio system. Rudolph also has video game systems connected to the theater, because playing Madden on a standard television would be dull. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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    Any athlete can have his own man cave. Beloved NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. built himself his own town. 


    ESPN Staff Writer David Newton was given inside access back in January 2012 to what Earnhardt and his friends affectionately refer to as "Whiskey River," a miniature town straight out of the old west that exists on the estate owned by the most famous name in American auto racing. 

    Whisky River has everything you would expect to see on a movie set for a Western. There is a classic saloon, a church with a steeple and a hotel called "The Hilton." Earnhardt also included a jail, just in case people in Whisky River get too rowdy. 

    Earnhardt told Jimmy Kimmel in September 2015 he had locked friends up "only twice." 

    Best of all may be the treehouse, a legitimate home that just so happens to be connected to a tree. That home has a loft bedroom, Wi-Fi Internet and cable television. There is no plumbing in home, though, so one would have to use an outhouse if she wants to have some privacy. 

    Earnhardt fans may remember when the driver's pad was featured on an episode of "MTV Cribs." We now know a basement party space was no longer enough for Earnhardt. 

Padraig Harrington

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    It would be understandable if a few specific names came to mind if you were asked to consider which golfers would have the best man caves. Tiger Woods had kept his personal life private over the years, and thus we may never see an updated version of any man cave he may own. Jordan Spieth may eventually show he has the greatest man cave of anybody on the PGA Tour. 

    Spieth has work to do if he is to match what Padraig Harrington has created for himself. 

    Talk show host Ryan Tubridy was given a tour of Harrington's home in Dublin this past March (h/t GolfCentralDaily.com). Tubridy ultimately learned Harrington is a fan of a variety of games. 

    Harrington's man cave is not that different than an arcade room from a past era. The area is home to a Star Wars pinball machine, a Pac-Man console, Space Invaders and other familiar titles. Those looking to get some exercise could give Harrington's automatic-serving table tennis table a try. 

    Quick reflexes are needed for that last attraction. 

    Fans of leisurely games can enjoy a relaxing match of billiards in Harrington's man cave. Harrington and others can practice their golf games on a simulator which is separated from the arcade portion of the area. There is also a gym, and a room where Harrington stores his golf gear and his awards.  

Von Miller

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    The old adage in football is that defense wins championships. That was proven to be true at Super Bowl 50, as the defense of the Denver Broncos helped propel the club to an upset victory over NFL Most Valuable Player Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. 

    Denver teammates Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware are more than just brothers on the field of battle. They have enjoyed a special bond while playing alongside each other. Michael Silver of NFL.com visited with the two players in the week leading up to Super Bowl 50, and it was then when Silver was given a tour of Miller's man cave. 

    "Club 58," as Miller and his friends refer to the man cave, can be converted into different types of venues depending on Miller's wishes. Miller's personal club contains a semicircle bar, a pool table and a mini-aquarium containing fish named by Miller. What can be a relaxing place to spend some time after a grueling game can become a makeshift club with the help of some mood lighting. 

    Mile High Sports posted a feature on what "Club 58" meant to the Broncos after the team won the Super Bowl. 

    And on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday, Emmanuel Sanders helped explain how they came to be that close.

    “After a Sunday game, we would go to Von Miller‘s house, and we’d be there until 5:30, 6:00, just bonding,” Sanders said. “It all paid off, so we just kept going.”

    When questioned further, Sanders detailed just how impressive Von Miller’s basement actually is.

    “Von has this sick basement. He’s probably spent a million dollars on his basement alone,” Sanders said. “We call it Club 58. He has a bar, he has games, we play poker and just hang out. It’s pretty cool.”

LeBron James

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    LeBron James' man cave is bigger than many apartments in Cleveland
    LeBron James' man cave is bigger than many apartments in ClevelandDarren Hauck/Associated Press/Associated Press

    We do not blame Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James for not wanting to provide people with in-depth video tours of his home and man cave. For starters, James was not the most popular man among citizens of northeast Ohio for several years following The Decision and his move to the Miami Heat. 

    It would also probably take James more than a day to give us a full view of the entire estate. 

    James' dream home in Ohio, which takes up over 30,000 square feet per Marilyn Miller of Ohio.com, is essentially its own mini-mall. James has his own theater that allows him to watch up to four NFL games at the same time (h/t TriangleOffense.com). Stephen Curry confirmed to GQ in November 2009 a bowling alley is on the property. 

    The "game room" portion of James' man cave (h/t CavaliersNation.com) serves as his own sports bar. Along with what we have to assume is a fully stocked bar, the area has televisions and a space to play pool. The James estate is also home to a studio, just in case he decides he wants to change careers at some point (h/t TWCC.com). 

Floyd Mayweather

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    Floyd Mayweather, who is now retired from boxing, has dedicated an Instagram page to his mansion located in Las Vegas. The "BigBoyMansion" Instagram account has more than 176,000 followers as of April 8. 

    Mayweather will never be accused of being humble and "down to earth." 

    It would not be a stretch to suggest the entire "Big Boy Mansion" is one big man cave for Mayweather. Per Forbes, Mayweather has a "garage filled with $15 million in sports cars, including Buggattis, that he never drives." His kitchen counters have touch-screen videogame consoles, because maybe friends will get bored while pouring that morning cup of coffee (h/t WSJ.com).

    That's only the beginning. 

    Mayweather's estate does not just have some standard theater. As Patrick Kulp of Mashable explained, Mayweather has a two-level theater that has one movie screen stacked on top of another movie screen.

    As a decoration, Mayweather purchased a Fendi chandelier for his home. 

    Everybody would like a walk-in closet, right? Mayweather has plenty of those in his mansion. At least one of those closets, per Joe Saraceno of USA Today Sports, is simply filled with cash.  

    It is no secret Mayweather enjoys spending his money, but do not think he needs to contemplate a comeback to the ring anytime soon. Forbes reported Mayweather earned around $300 million in 2015, making him the world's highest-paid athlete for that year. 

    Mayweather can afford to have a man cave just about anywhere he travels.