Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb Eager to Raise Profile with Dog-Fighting Ring

John Halligan Correspondent ISeptember 28, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 21: Kevin Kolb #4 of the Philadelphia Eagles watches his team during pre-game warmups before their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 21, 2008 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—Eagles third year quarterback Kevin Kolb said he is actively looking into starting his own illegal, interstate dog-fighting ring, right after he and the Eagles trounced the Kansas City Chiefs, 34-14.

“I’m first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 300 yards (or more) in his first two starts and I’m like the fourth or fifth guy on the podium, “ Kolb noted.  “I guess I gotta get with the program and start killin’ me some animals.”

There seems to be some truth in Kolb’s assertions, as Vick was still the top-line story for ESPN and many other sports outlets Sunday, even after a less than stellar day where he produced a meager seven total yards, passing and throwing combined.

“Heck, I threw for 327 yards and two scores and I don’t get a whiff of Sal Pal,” Kolb remarked Sunday in reference to Michael Vick’s personal ESPN reporter, Sal Paolantonio.

“Seven yards and he’s everybody’s go-to quote.  As a player, you have to admire that,” Kolb offered.

“I got a big opportunity here,” Kolb enthused.  “I’m one locker down from the biggest dog-fighter the NFL has ever known.  I mean you’d have to be a real dummy not to take advantage of that kind of resource.”

Kolb’s agent, Houston-based Jeff Nalley, later held his own press conference where he reiterated Kolb’s desire to start his own dog-fighting ring, “I think if anything, these last two games really prove that Kevin is ready to take it to the next level.  Once his dog-fighting operation really gets up and running, the sky is the limit for Kevin.”

Nalley did not confirm if he will assist Kolb’s dog-fighting operation, but he did wisely leave the door open, saying, “Right now, it looks like a fantastic growth opportunity for everyone associated with Team Kolb.”

ESPN, for one, is all set to prove Nalley and Kolb right.  “Once we see real evidence of wrongdoing and unbelievably cruel, inhuman behavior, then we’ll get Kevin and Sal together for real nice sit-down piece,” ESPN segment producer, Mike McMack said.

“Breaking NFL records on the field is awesome,” McMack opined, “but killing dogs, breaking laws and coming back to rub it in law-aiding NFL fans faces? That’s our demographic sweet spot.”

The Bleacher Report contacted former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy about Kolb’s aspirations and he was all for it.  “I think it’s wonderful.  Kevin is very heady young man and I’m sure he do what needs to be done.”

Dungy added that he won’t be ready to organize a sympathy media tour for Kolb until he’s certain that Kolb has committed truly reprehensible acts and, of course, has the earning potential to pay him for his soulless efforts, “Only time will tell, but I like what I see.”
When pressed about the possible suspension that comes with such illicit activity, Kolb seemed not too worry, “I figure Donovan’s got about two years left anyway.  So if I time things right, me and Coach Dungy’s media tour should be happening right around that time.”

Added the shrewd Kolb, “The Commissioner’s office has already contacted me, so it all systems go right now.”

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid said Kolb did a “nice job out there,” on Sunday and cryptically re-iterated his stance that everyone deserves a second chance, “even the ones that haven’t squandered their first one.”


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