NFL Week Three, Where Drew Brees Wasn't Very Good

Eric PehowicContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

4 May 2001:  Drew Brees #9 pulls back to throw the ball during the San Diego Chargers Mini Camp at Murphy Canyon in San Diego, California.Mandatory Credit: Todd Warshaw  /Allsport

Welcome to the answer and question segment of the show.

Here’s how it works. I give you the answer, then I give you the question and you just keep reading along. No thinking involved. Save that for your Tuesday waiver moves—should I really drop Ancient Isaac Bruce for Colts Frenchman, err, wide receiver Pierre Garcon? Yes, yes you should.

And that’s not even part of the answers and questions, consider it a bonus round.

Enough babbling, on to the answers and questions:

Answer: The Buffalo Bills

Question: What dominating defense is going to be able to stop the Drew Brees onslaught? Everybody knew it was going to be a squad that allowed an average 330 yards per game passing during the first two weeks. Gotta love this game.

A: Pierre Garcon

Q: Who will be the next Reggie Wayne? Yeah, I heard it on the TV broadcast but he makes big play after big play. He’s at least the next Brandon Stokley circa 2004 – as the Colts’ No. 3 receiver he had 10 TDs and 1,077 yards receiving. Go get Garcon if he’s available.

A: No-freaking-body.

Q: Who knew Willis McGahee was going to not only be the most valuable Ravens running back, let alone a TD-scoring machine? He’s got 6 TDs in three games. That’s a 32-TD pace. He won’t keep it up, and I’d recommend trading him while his value’s this high, but I don’t see his situation changing that much in Baltimore barring an injury.

A: It’s official, Houston. And he better if he wants a job in the NFL.

Q: Which NFL defense is a fantasy playland for NFL running backs? They gave up 108 yards and 2 TDs to Thomas Jones, who hasn’t sniffed relevance since, in the opener, then got demolished by Chris Johnson in Week 2 and Maurice Jones-Drew in Week 3. They face Oakland in Week 4. Think Darren McFadden will come ready to play? (That’s a two-for-one folks. Value!)

A: Kevin Smith’s shoulder.

Q: What body part could cause the most pain to an NFL team in 2009? Not much info on the shoulder injury, but if he’s out for an extended period of time Detroit will return to the Land of Defeat. Smith’s ability to grind the clock keeps opposing offenses off the field and his own defense fresh.

A: Older than dirt.

Q: How old is Fred Taylor? But for at least one week, the former Florida Gator ran like a young Fred Taylor: 21-105-1.

A: He’ll be a top top WR in 2010.

Q: How good is DeSean Jackson? I shouldn’t need to explain, but 6-149-1 with a bad groin on a slippery field with Kevin Kolb throwing to him should be enough. I don’t care who they were playing against, Jackson is great.

A: Steve Smith

Q: Which Giants receiver is better, Mario Manningham or Steve Smith? I said a couple times in the preseason that Steve Smith would lead the Giants in catches. That still stands, but Manningham will be so good he’ll be kept in dynasty leagues and people will reach for him in 2010 drafts.

A: Somebody told him it was 1995.

Q: What got into Brett Favre on Sunday? The aged ageless one threw 46 passes and finished with 301 yards and two TDs, including the game-winner.

A: Because the Saints are the best team in the NFC?

Q: If Drew Brees got shut down, how did the Saints win? That’s right, answered the question with a question. (Y’know, some people really hate that.) The thing is the Saints running game picked up the slack in a dominating performance, and they’re defense is much improved. I’m just not quite ready to anoint them yet.

A: Julius Jones must feel empowered in fluorescent green.

Q: I touted Julius Jones all preseason, why would he have a solid week against a solid run defense the week I decide to give up on him? I have a feeling we’re going to be sweating every time we start Jones in 2009, but he’ll win some fantasy games, too.

A: Correll Buckhalter, unless (until?) he gets injured

Q: Who will finish the season as the best Broncos running back? His yards per carry are impressive. Knowshon Moreno’s are average.

A: Shredded like mozzarella for on your pizza.

Q: How did the seemingly improved Cardinals defense do against the golden arm of Peyton Manning? I thought Manning would be decent but the Colts would win with the running game. All Mr. DirectTV did was throw for 379 yards and four TDs.

And that’s it for tonight ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be back next week for another answer and question session here at Chinstrap Ninjas. But tune in tomorrow for our box score reviews.

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