Attention Randy Lerner: In Tough Times, Tough Decisions Need To Be Made

Daniel WolfSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2009

(Location: Somewhere unknown)

(Time: Approx. 2:30PM EST)

Random voice through a speaker overhead: "Can someone please locate Mr. Lerner? And tell him that he is needed in Cleveland, Ohio, immediately."

Male adviser standing next to Mr. Lerner in his secretive and secluded complex: "Oh s***. Mr. Lerner, you are needed in Cleveland again, sir."

Randy Lerner: "ALREADY?! I was just there a few months back a hired this guy named Eric Mangini who said he would take care of everything, including hiring a general manager for the team. What gives?!"

Random voice through a speaker overhead: "Mr. Mangini just benched Brady Quinn after the first half and replaced him with Derek Anderson, sir."

Randy Lerner: "HE DID WHAT?!?!?"

This may not have been exactly what happened when Lerner found out about Mangini's indecisiveness, but regardless, the time has come for Lerner to get involved with the team he owns.

Quinn gets benched and Anderson throws three picks.

What to do now?

Start third-stringer Brett Ratliff in week 4?

There is a very good chance that even the Browns coaching staff does not know what to do next.

They may be very coy during interviews, but even the players are in a state of disarray, which was seen by their play during the second half of the game in their demoralizing loss to the Baltimore Ravens 34-3.

Even the fans could not believe what was taking place in front of their eyes.

Now Lerner needs to step in a make an example of someone whether it be the offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, or even head coach Eric Mangini, but someone needs to get fired.

It doesn't really matter, at this point, who takes the fall but Browns fans want to see someone get the axe because it's completely obvious that the players are not to blame anymore and full blame needs to go onto the coaches.

The perfect example is when play-calling is so bad, that after a 17-yard run by Jerome Harrison (which is the longest that the Ravens have given up so far this year) a quarterback sneak is called on first and ten.

How about calling a pass that is 20+ yards down the field on first and ten instead?

Apparently, that is too obvious a call and a quarterback sneak would really get the defense off-balance.

Bottom line, this journalist has tried to stay positive, but after Sunday's contest versus the Ravens, all the positivity is now gone.

Someone needs to go down, and hopefully Lerner is about to make that move sooner than later.

(Special Teams Coordinator/ Assistant Head Coach Brad Seely might make a good head coach...hint, hint.)

(Article originally posted on Dawg Scooper)


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